Best Hotel, Holiday and
Serviced Apartments
In Nafplio

Best Hotel, Holiday and
Serviced Apartments
In Nafplio

Top apartments in Nafplio

Fully furnished and fully equipped holiday and serviced apartments for stay of 2 nights, 1 week, 1 month or even a year.

Fully furnished and fully equipped holiday and serviced apartments for stay of 2 nights, 1 week, 1 month or even a year.

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Best Accommodation
In Nafplio, Greece

Vida Hospitality exists to support you and your beloved ones with the best accommodation in Nafplio. Holiday and Hotel Family Apartments in Nafplio, Greece – the comfort of a spacious apartment with the services of a five star hotel!


Our Apartments
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Vida Hospitality Properties in Nafplio

Our apartments are centrally-based in the best Nafplio’s neighbourhoods, in close proximity to supermarkets, gyms, cafes, restaurants and points of interest. Ideal for both families and couples, our apartments are fully-equipped with high-speed WiFi, fully-stocked kitchens, cleaning supplies, and more.

Vida Residential Apartments

Nafplio, old city downtown
King Loft
Queen Loft
Deluxe Suite
Executive Suite

Vida Residential Apartments

4 luxury apartments located at Mpoumpoulinas 37 Str., Nafplio port (200m away from the old city downtown). Ideal for families with kids and couples

Vida Omirou Residences

Nafplio, New city, 1.2Km away from old city downtown
Garden Apartment A
Garden Apartment B
Terrace Apartment A
Terrace Apartment B

Vida Omirou Residences

4 high end apartments, located at the end of Omirou Str., Nafplio new city (1.2Km away from the old city downtown and port). Ideal for families with kids and couples.

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The Best Family Apartments
In Nafplio, Greece

By Vida Hospitality properties meet an impeccable standard of quality, they are newly renovated, modern serviced accommodation at great locations, a stylish space for your next family vacation in Nafplio, Greece! A responsive team that deals with the whole process is always on hand, from making bookings, to our guest services manager personally checking your room. We are here for you the whole way.

Vida Hospitality Nafplio Logo

Top Hospitality in Nafplio

Vida Hospitality operates the best holiday and hotel apartments in Nafplio, Greece. Great accommodation, top level of hospitality and professional services to guarantee that your vacation in Nafplio will be a great one. Free concierge services to support your holidays with customized solutions for any of your needs. A personal approach that will make you feel “home” before you even arrive to Nafplio!

Vida Hospitality Team
Your best choice In Nafplio

One-Stop solution for your accommodation in Nafplio, Greece

If you plan to stay in Nafplio from 2 nights to 2 years, Vida Hospitality is the only hassle-free option for you in the city! Residential apartments, fully equipped, fully furnished and newly renovated at the best city locations at an all inclusive option, wrapped with the best hospitality services, to guarantee your satisfaction. Just bring your clothes and start living!

Short Term Vacation

Enjoy the city for a couple of days at the best holiday apartments in Nafplio

Long Term Vacation

Enjoy a couple of weeks in the city, with the best accommodation in Nafplio

Long Term Lease

Enjoy a couple of months or even a couple of years, having the best apartments in Nafplio

Feel home Away from home

Modern and convenient

Top locations

Suitable for the whole family

More than enough space

Close to all points of interest

Top level Hospitality

Explore Greece

All you need to plan your visit in Greece

We created our blog to support with you with the planning of your visit to Greece. The blog is divided as per Greece different regions (Nafplio, Peloponnese, etc)

We have Great Answers

No, we are not a hotel. We are a company that operates residential properties for both short and long term as holiday and serviced apartments in Nafplio, Greece.

You can stay from a minimum of 2 nights to a maximum of 3 years!

Totally yes! Our apartments have everything you need to stay forever! Just bring your clothes and start living.

For a short term vacation you can book direct with us and enjoy a 20% OFF comparing to any other online price you can find, from our own booking platform (Go to the “Book Now” button at the top of the page, choose the property you prefer and then book direct with us). For a long term vacation and for a long term lease, just chat with us live on our website chat box and our customer service team will take care of you immediately! (on the left side of your screen you can find our chat box).

Our team will stay in touch with you immediately after your reservation with us, for any kind of support with your trip! The day of your check in our team will welcome you at our apartment and also the day of your check out, our team will be at your apartment to help with your luggages! We keep a personal approach with our guests!

We suggest the check in to be between 14:30 until 23:30 and the check out to be between 10:30 to 11:00! If you have different plans, just let us know in advance and we will be more flexible based on our availability!

Our team will immediately take care of any issue! More than that, please note that all our apartments and all of our guests are covered by our insurance company for any kind of issue!

Our price are different based on the length of your stay. The prices start from an average of 120 euro per night and they go down for longer stay! The longer you stay, the best price you get! 

Totally yes! We have guests who stay with us even longer. Comparing to other properties in the city, we are the only company offering “All inclusive” options for long term lease! Take advantage of us!

We receive payments only via bank. For short term vacation, in order to complete your reservation, you will have to pay with your card. For longer stay or long term lease, you can pay direct with bank transfer both online and offline or you can pay with your card both online and offline.

All of our apartments are suitable for 2 to 4 guests total. Our one bedroom apartments have a sofa at the living room that converts to a double bed and our two bedroom apartments offer two double beds. In case of you have a baby, we can offer totally free a baby cot to support you with your stay!

No, you do not have to bring! Our apartments are fully equipped with bed linen, covers, blankets and towels!

We stay in direct contact with you either via phone or via our live chat (which will be available for you during your stay) and we immediately respond to any of your inquires! 

We totally love animals and we also have a dog,  her name is “Liza”! Due to the building policy, pets are not allowed at our apartments!

General Policy

We are smokers and we have pets! With respect to our potential customers who are not smokers and they might have allergy related to pets, at all our properties smoking is not allowed and pets are not welcomed. Thank you for the understanding!

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