The Peloponnese or Peloponnesus is a peninsula and geographic region in southern Greece. It is connected to the central part of the country by the Isthmus of Corinth land bridge which separates the Gulf of Corinth from the Saronic Gulf.

The Peloponnese is a peninsula that covers an area of some 21,549.6 square kilometres (8,320.3 sq mi) and constitutes the southernmost part of mainland Greece. While technically it may be considered an island since the construction of the Corinth Canal in 1893, like other peninsulas that have been separated from their mainland by man-made bodies of waters, it is rarely, if ever, referred to as an island.

The peninsula has a mountainous interior and deeply indented coasts, being a great destinations 365 days per year.

Below you can find all the secret and incredible beautiful places of the region that deserve your time to visit, but first I would like to advice you on this use a base to explore all these areas it will be more convenient and more easy for you.

You can use as your base:

Nafplio city (find more HERE)

The city is well developed giving you great options for accommodation and dining.

The secret paradises:

Lake Doxa Nemea (find more HERE)

Trikala Corinthia (find more HERE)

Vytina, Menalo (find more HERE)

Stemnitsa, Dimitsana (find more HERE)

Kalavryta (find more HERE)

All the above hidden paradises are ideal for your winter getaways.

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