Nafplio, Greece – is one of the most beautiful Greek cities and by far one of the top options for your family vacations.

The city is extremely family friendly with a range of different options that you and your kids will not be bored at all.

At this article you can find 10 of the options that you will have once you are in Nafplio with your kids.

Palamidi Castle

Located on the top of the city, Palamidi castle is one of the city’s landmarks. You have two options to visit it – either you drive (almost 5 minutes drive from the city’s centre) – or you take the staircase (999 stairs to the top – 40 minutes). The view that you will enjoy from the castle and especially if you choose the staircase option is unbelievable.

Acronafplia castle – hill

Next to Nafplio old city downtown, there is a castle-hill, called Acronafplia, which means the edge of Nafplio. You can either drive all the way up to the top of the hill or you can walk through the old city downtown. From Acronafplia, you and your kids will enjoy unique views to the city and the Argolis gulf. We call the top of the Acronafplia – the clock – and from there you will be able to admire the city’s downtown and port views.

Arvanitia Round

Arvanitia is the closest beach to the city of Nafplio. There is an amazing path starting from the port, that hugs the Acronafplia hill and ends at the Arvanitia beach. The whole path is close to the sea and for sure you and your kids will love it!


Nafplio has the advantage to be surrounded by many beaches. The closest one to the city’s centre is Arvanitia beach, the second is Karathona beach (by the way you can either drive to Karathona beach or you can walk – there is a very nice path that connects the first two beaches – in between there are many small beaches that you and your kids can swim). All the way towards the East South – there are many many many different beaches – almost every 10 minutes drive, you can swim at a different beach. (Tolo beach, Kastraki beach, Plaka beach, Kondyli beach, Kantia beach, Iria beach).

Old city Downtown

Nafplio’s old city downtown is full of pedestrian streets and squares that you and your kids will never be bored to walk around. The area has many different shops where you can buy traditional Greek products. The feeling you all will have is like if you were on an island.


Nafplio is full of outdoor playgrounds, where your kids can enjoy some free time. One of the best for both parents and kids is the one located at the end of the port. Exactly next to it, there is a cafe, where you can enjoy your coffee or your drink with an amazing view of the Bourtzi fortress while your kids are enjoying!

Great Food

Well, one thing is guaranteed for sure – you and your kids will love the food. Nafplio offers a huge range of different dining options where you can enjoy – a traditional Greek meal – with all the best and fresh local ingredients – and of course some of the best seafood and fish you ever had in your life. More than the Greek type of the food, there many options for International cuisine, Italian Cuisine and of course many options for tasting desserts and ice cream.


20 Km away from Nafplio, you and your kids will have the chance to visit one of the MUST-SEE archeological sites of Greece, the Ancient Epidaurus and the Ancient Epidaurus Theatre. It is the largest one and there is no way that your kids will not be impressed.

Horse Carriage Ride

Once you are in Nafplio, you and your kids can have the option to explore the old city on a horse carriage. For sure your kids will love it.

Family bicycle ride

Family bicycle ride is for sure one of the greatest things you can enjoy with your kids in Nafplio. Riding all together the same bicycle, you will have the option the explore the city on an amazing way!

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