Are you planning a vacation in Greece? If yes, this article is for you, but let me first tell you one important thing about holidays in Greece.

Almost everyone who is trying to plan a vacation in another country will have to make a long research of places to visit, properties to stay, etc. It is the same when you are planning your holidays in Greece, but the country but itself gives you a huge advantage.

Well, the advantage is that the country is not so big – so, there is a smart thing that can make your planning much easier – instead of choosing many different places to stay, you can choose one place to be your base and from there, you can visit many other areas that are close to this.

Just to make it more clear to you. Traveling to Greece, you have two options – you either will visit islands or mainland. (by the way, if you are a family with kids that you prefer a more quiet scenario without thinking so much about the nightlife, mainland is the best option for you).

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