Have you ever thought what is the difference between those who have with those who have not? Those who are successful in their personal lives, in their career, successful in finding the best partner, successful in their lives in general? Just being happy? Having money? Having people in their lives who just love them? Has anyone tell you from when you were young, that the success story pass from one generation to another and this is the reason that some people find it easy to succeed in their goals while for some others it is very difficult. Have you ever thought what kind of information drives the successful people?

So, the most important and common thing that all the successors have in their lives is the fact that they can stay focused for a long time at their goals. So simple and so complicated at the same time. This is the reason that you probably have heard so many successful people saying that their daily routine starts with writing their goals down and reading them. It is just because they want to focus on their goals from the very beginning of their day, and usually they find ways to stay focused during their day and even in the night they write again their goals down. So, they set their conscious and subconscious mind to stay focused on their desires.

There are a lot of people who have heard the story that I describe and, in the beginning, thought that they found the hidden treasure of their lives. They set up their mind to do exactly the same thing. The first thing that they do when they open their eyes and the last before they close them is writing their goals. The first couple days they do it so consistent and it seems so easy. Later on, though, the habits that they already had created started disturbing them. The people with whom they were interacting daily started disturbing them also. Focusing on their goal became so difficult. They kept writing their goals down but with no purpose this time, until to the point where there was no reason to keep doing the same thing. What did these people do wrong and why?  

The most common thing that happens in your daily life is that you get affected from the people with whom you interact every day, and especially if they do not serve the same thoughts as you do, it makes more difficult to stay focused on YOUR goals. And who are these people. Most individuals spend their day equally. One third of their time they work and interact with their co-workers. The other third is the time that they sleep and the rest of their day is divided in time for themselves, time with their family and time for their day to day operations. So, where do they do mistake and they change the success recipe? It is simple, they just leave their daily routine interact on their success story and change it with the result of not being so successful.

All these are good in theory but what about the real life. What do you suggest me, stop working? Stop interacting with my family and friends? Do not buy grocery?

How could I suggest something like that? This would be the absolute catastrophe for you. No, not even close to that. I suggest you to find ways to clean your mind and set it up again so it will look ahead and the only thing that will be ahead will be you, succeeding your goals. What are the things that will help you clean your mind? I do not personally know you so to have an answer to this. I have seen a lot of people finding their way at the gym, or a sport, or easier at a hug with their beloved ones, or even easier just by looking their kids being happy and laughing!

So, what is your exercise? How can you know when your kids are happy? It is so simple; you might not know for sure but they do. Just ask them and they will give you the answer. Or, if even better, if you want to surprise them in order to make them even more happy think what makes most of the kids happy!

Chocolate? Games? Swimming? Vacation?

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