Thinking of visiting Nafplio, Greece anytime during the winter or autumn? Great! The city is amazing 365 days and despite the fact that Nafplio is most well known for the spring and the summer period getaways, during the winter and the autumn we believe the city looks even better!

Let’s start from this – how to visit Nafplio? Nafplio is located 120Km away from Athens and almost 140Km away from Athens airport. If you rent a car from any place in Athens, in less than 1:45h you will reach Nafplio (by the way, renting a car is the best option).

Below you can find the map that shows you how to reach Nafplio from Athens airport – click on the map to get the full directions on your google maps.

How does it make sense to spend your days in Nafplio? – Well, Nafplio has a great location. The city by itself is really very nice and you could stay here forever! Nafplio is also a great place to use as your base and explore many other areas across the Peloponnese region.

Below you will be able to find your options in the city of Nafplio per category – click at each and every category to explore more.

Places to visit in Nafplio

City’s Paths

Archeological Sites

Below you can find also some of the F&B options you will have once you are here in Nafplio. We tasted all of them more than one time to make sure that they deserve a position on our website – unfortunately, we gained a few kilos more, but its ok!

F& B Options

More than the above options, Nafplio offers you a great opportunity. You can use the city as your base to explore many nice areas around. Find below all of them.

Areas to explore – close to Nafplio

Things to remember before to visit Nafplio – First of all, if you are on a diet, Nafplio will not help you on this way. You will have many different options (mainly Greek & Italian cuisine) and because the food here tastes amazing, you will end up eating a lot! Second, keep in mind that Nafplio during the Autumn and Winter is not over crowded – make sure to have a great company with you! Third, be prepared to walk a lot – the city is extremely beautiful but you will see it only if you walk around.

Nafplio belongs to Argolida Region – part of Peloponnese Region. The whole area is very well known for its wineries, so we thought to create for you a list of the most well known – just in case you want to arrange a tasting while you will be in Nafplio. Find them here


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