Planning a visit to Nafplio and want to know “the things to do” and “what to see”? Then, this page will be a great support for you, making your Greek vacation in Nafplio a great one.

Nafplio offers you a range of different things to do in and close to the city. Nafplio is a great option for those of you who want to enjoy a family or romantic getaway, offering you top things to see.

Well, let’s start from this. Nafplio is located only 120 Km away from Athens (140Km away from Athens International airport) which means maximum 1:45 hours drive.

Nafplio is a city next to the sea, has two castles and one fortress! Nafplio is also located close to the two MUST-SEE archeological sites of Greece, Ancient Epidaurus and Ancient Mycenae.

You can visit Nafplio 365 days per year. The weather is 340 days sunny and warm (15-35C) and only 20 to 25 days per year it might be rainy. For those of you who want to enjoy the beach and the sun, the best period to visit is between end of May until end of September (some people enjoy swimming even during November).

Nafplio has also some special periods that for sure you will love to visit. During the end of February or beginning of March, Nafplio hosts the carnival festival – for those of you that you are parents, your kids will love the city during that period. On 25th of March, Nafplio celebrates the National day with a very special way – the city’s main church celebrates with a huge street market this special day and Nafplio attracts thousands of visitors. Easter period is also a great time to visit Nafplio – the city offers a unique way of celebration. More than the above periods, Nafplio from early March until the end of October is alive – the amazing weather helps the city to be a great vacation destination for millions of visitors. You will love to explore Nafplio during this period.

Below you can find two different links to our special guides for Nafplio city. We created two – one for those of you who will visit the city during Autumn and Winter – the second for those of you who will visit Nafplio during Spring or Summer. Both of them were created with a purpose to be your support on your vacation in Nafplio.

Find the full guide for Nafplio (Autumn & Winter) – click HERE.

Find the full guide for Nafplio (Spring & Summer) – click HERE.

Special Tip

Nafplio because of its location can be your base for your Greek vacation. Located on the East part of Peloponnese, one of the most beautiful regions in Greece, Nafplio can be a great city-base for you to explore the whole region. You can explore the biggest part of Peloponnese on daily trips without to change very often locations – plus, your base will always be the most beautiful place.

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