Portoheli and Ermioni daily trip

Are you wondering what daily trips you can make from Nafplio? There are a lot of different options and at this article you can find a suggestion for a daily trip to Portoheli and Ermioni from Nafplio.

Both destinations are close to Nafplio (within 1hour drive approx) and are close to each other. I would recommend this daily trip from Nafplio to Portoheli and Ermioni  mainly in the summer time as both destinations are popular during the warm weather periods in Greece.

Portoheli, Places to visit

So, the trip starts with a visit to one of the most important prehistoric sites in Greece that is located on your way there, the Franchti cave. Franchti cave was occupied by people during the Upper Paleolithic (40-10,000 B.C.), Mesolithic (9-7,000 B.C.) and Neolithic periods (7-3,000 B.C.).


During the Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods, the cave was occupied seasonally by hunter-gatherers and fisherman. They were visiting the area for hunting and fishing respectively and they were using the cave as their cover for the night. At these periods hunters were using flint tools that helped them with the hunting and they were made of hard and soft stones such as flint and obsidian. In addition, at the cave there have been found ceramics and even some tombs from 11,000 BC.

During the Neolithic period, the occupation at the cave was all year round and was extended out of the cave and along the present sea shore, the largest part of which is now submerged due to rising sea levels. Inside the caves there were carried out daily activities some of which were stone paved.

For the most of the 20th century the cave was used as a seasonal animal pen.

Another site located at the area and deserves your attention is the Ververoda Lake.


The locals believe that the water of the lake has medicinal properties and can cure them from mostly bone pains and some other diseases. In addition, at the this lake every year a water-skiing competition takes places and attracts visitors from all over the world, the Senior World Competition.

Beaches in Porto Heli




Portoheli Beach – Directions HERE

Petrothalassa Beach – Directions HERE

Paralia Kounoupiou – Directions HERE

Dardiza Beach – Directions HERE

Mpourloto Beach – Directions HERE

Restaurants in the area of Portoheli and Ermioni





The Drunken Clam (Mediterranean Seafood) –  Directions HERE

Veranda Del Vina (Greek Cuisine) – Directions HERE

Salt & Pepper (Greek Cuisine) – Directions HERE

Maria’s (Greek Cuisine) – Directions HERE

Taverna Spirandreas (Greek Seafood) – Directions HERE

Kabos (Seafood Greek)- Directions HERE

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