Nafplio is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece and one of most visited ones. Find here at this article information about Nafplio, which will make your stay in Nafplio easier! Also, we will provide you with information about your options for Nafplio accommodation Greece!

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How many days should I spend in Nafplio?

People choose to stay in Nafplio from 1 night to forever :). If you do not plan to stay forever, you have to decide. Either you will use Nafplio as your main destination or if you will use Nafplio as your base to explore the Peloponnese region.

Short Stay in Nafplio, Greece

For those of you who plan just to visit Nafplio and enjoy the city by itself for a couples of days, I would say that 2 to 3 days is enough! You will have time to explore the old city downtown, the two castles in the city – Palamidi castle and Acronafplia castle, the Bourtzi fortress and maybe visit one of the Archeological sites which are located close to the city, Ancient Mycenae or Ancient Epidaurus. If you visit the city during summer time, still you will have a chance to visit Arvanitia and Karathona beaches, which are very close to the city!

So, 2 to 3 days for the above plan are great to see the most of the city! Regarding your accommodation in Nafplio for a short stay, we would recommend you to explore some of the hotels near the downtown like Origami Residences or if you prefer to have an apartment for your accommodation, our Vida Residential Apartments will be a great option for you! Greece accommodation!

Semi – long stay in Nafplio, Greece

If you plan to use Nafplio as your base to explore the Peloponnese region, 1 week will be the ideal time for you to explore the most well know places! More than visiting the city and its points of interest, as we described them above, you will have a chance to explore the most family friendly and beautiful region of the mainland of Greece, Peloponnese. To support you with the planning of this, we created a section in our blog, full of suggestions! You can find all of them HERE.

Regarding your accommodation for a longer stay, we would recommend you to choose an apartment, so that you will have more space and freedom during your stay in Nafplio. We can fully support you with our Weekly plans at our both properties, Vida Residential Apartments and Vida Omirou Residences. You can find our weekly options, HERE.

Below, we will try to answer some of the questions you might have regarding your stay and your accommodation in Nafplio!

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How Long is the drive from Athens to Nafplio?

Nafplio is located 120Km away from Athens and almost 140Km away from Athens airport! By car you need 1 hour and 30 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes total, based on the traffic. From Athens until Nafplio, you will have to pay 3 times tolls (less than 10 EUR) and from Athens airport to Nafplio, you will have to pay 4 times tolls (less than 15 EUR).

We created a page on our blog with maps, map directions and photos to make your trip from Athens to Nafplio easier. You can find it HERE.

Is Nafplio a day trip from Athens?

You can visit Nafplio as a day trip from Athens, but we highly recommend you not to do it! Nafplio is a great city, it has amazing beauty and it really deserves your time to visit and explore it! If you decide to visit Nafplio, stay at least 2 nights and you will not regret it!

You can explore some of the Nafplio points of interest HERE.

Why is Nafplio famous? Greece accommodation

Nafplio is on the list with most famous cities in Greece, mainly because its history – Nafplio used to be the first capital of the modern Greece – and nowadays, because the city is very beautiful and friendly, so both people from Greece and foreigners choose Nafplio for their vacation! The fact that Nafplio stays a pure original Greek city, not influenced from modern touristic concepts, it is a plus!

The city hosts some special events as well! During end of April, beginning of May, Nafplio hosts the Mediterranean Yacht show! Find more details HERE.

The city is also located very close to Ancient Epidaurus theatre. Every year, there are many live performances, which attract the interest of both local and foreign visitors!

Why Nafplio is a romantic city?

Well, Nafplio and its old city downtown with the small pedestrian paths and the amazing views to the sea, really offers to its visitors a chance to create very unique moments! Combing it with the two hills in the city, from where you can have amazing views to the Argolis gulf and also to enjoy amazing sunsets, Nafplio is definitely a place to create some unforgettable memories with your beloved one! The city is like a novel but itself and with the colours from nature it becomes a fairy tale!

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How long is the drive from Nafplio to Oylmpia?

From Nafplio to Olympia, you will need close to 3 hours! You have two options to reach Olympia from Nafplio, one through the mountains and a second one which combines high way and country roads. You can find the first one through the mountains – HERE – and the second one – HERE.

Despite the fact that the option through the mountains will take you longer, you highly recommend you – if you have time based on your plan – to take this one! You will drive through some very nice small mountain villages and they really deserve the time to see them! Plus, you will find some great traditional taverns for lunch or dinner! Greece accommodation!

How do you get around Nafplio? Greece accommodation

The city of Nafplio is full of pedestrian paths! Actually, it seems as if the city was built only for pedestrians! For sure you need a car to reach Nafplio, but inside the city you either walk or ride on a bicycle! Walking, for sure, it is your best option based on the city’s layout! Make sure to have an accommodation in Nafplio near the old city downtown and the port, to make sure you will not need your car at all!

For support with your Nafplio accommodation, our apartments in the city can be a great option! Explore them HERE.

Is there a train from Athens to Nafplio?

Unfortunately train is not an option for you to visit Nafplio from Athens! The best option is to visit Nafplio by car!

Nafplio accommodation – Does Nafplio have nice beaches?

Nafplio has one beach inside the city, Arvanitia beach and many other amazing beaches on a very close distance! Arvanitia is the closest one and it is one of the most favorite ones for the locals! Within 5 minutes drive, you can find Karathona beach! Karathona is a big gulf style beach, really amazing, with light blue colour water!

Within 10 minutes drive, you can visit the golden beach in Tolo! Tolo is a small seaside village close to Nafplio and its main beach – golden beach – it is one the greatest in the area! Within 20 minutes drive from Nafplio, you can enjoy Saint Nicolas beach (or Kondili), which is considered the cleanest in the area!

To help you identify the best beaches in and close to Nafplio, we created a page on our blog with full details! Please find it HERE. You can watch them as well on our youtube channel, HERE.

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Is it worth going to Nafplio? Greece Accommodation

We believe that definitely it worths to visit Nafplio! If you decide to visit Greece, Nafplio is one of the place you have to put on your list! The city is incredible, the people are very friendly and you will have a real Greek hospitality experience in the city!

If you prefer to experience the city more busy, plan your visit anytime between end of March until end of September! If you do not mind visiting the city when its crowded, we recommend you to visit Nafplio October or March! You will be able to explore its beauties easier!

We created a custom city guide for Nafplio at our blog for you. Find all you need to explore Nafplio HERE.

Nafplio Accommodation, stay in Nafplio

We make sure to share with you information about your Greece accommodation options in Nafplio! Despite the fact that we operate holiday apartments in the city, we will try to give you a clear plan with the best places to stay in Nafplio!

If you prefer to stay downtown, you will have to go with a hotel room! Without having any personal relationship with the owners, we suggest you Agamemnon hotel which has an amazing location with view to Bourtzi!

If you prefer to stay downtown but you want to have an apartment, our Vida Residential Apartments are ideal for you. Review them HERE.

If you are a visitor who prefers to use his/her car, we recommend you the hotel Origami Residences . If you want an apartment instead of a hotel room, our Vida Omirou Residences will be ideal for you. Review them HERE.

Finally, for those of you who prefer to stay outside the city, a very good option for your Nafplio accommodation is the Anthemion suites.

Often we get requests from guests who plan to stay in Nafplio for more than 1 month! If you belong to this category of visitors, we have you covered! Find our monthly plans HERE.

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We believe that we covered some of your questions about Nafplio and your accommodation in Nafplio! In case of you have more questions or you need more information, please feel free to write us on our website chat box and we will make sure to fully cover you. You can write us from HERE or contact us HERE.

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