Nafplio is by far one of the most beautiful cities in Greece and an ideal destination for your next vacation.

Nafplio offers many different options when it comes to the things you can see in and close to the city.

You can visit Nafplio anytime during the year and you will love it for sure. Below you can find a suggestion for a 3 days getaway in Nafplio any season of the year.

Well, let’s start with this – Nafplio it is located only 120 Km away from Athens and only 140 Km away from Athens airport. This means that you need maximum 1:45h to reach Nafplio.

Click on the link below to get on your google maps the full directions from Athens airport to Nafplio.

Let’s see now how you can schedule your 3 days in Nafplio in order to make sure that you will get the 100% of the city and the area.

DAY – 1

Most probably you will arrive in Nafplio by noon or afternoon and most probably you might be a little tired from your trip, right?

So, let’s consider your first day in Nafplio, half day.

Nafplio city’s old downtown and all the area close to it, it is really amazing during afternoon and evening time. Full of colors and lights, the Nafplio old city will surprise you for sure!

Keep in mind that the Nafplio old city downtown is full of pedestrian streets, so be prepared to explore it walking around!

The centre of the Nafplio old city downtown is the Syntagmatos square! Many of the small pedestrians streets are connected with the square.

On your left it will always be the Acronafplia castle, a hill that separates the city from the Argolis gulf. On your right side, it will be the port with the unique Bourtzi fortress, located exactly at the entrance of the port.

After being lost inside the Nafplio old city downtown streets, you can walk next to the port and take the path until the main entrance of the port, where there is a light house. From there, you will enjoy the best view to the Bourtzi fortress plus if you turn around, on your back side you will enjoy an amazing view of the Nafplio old city and the Palamidi and Acronafplia castles, which are located on two different hills behind the old city downtown, creating an amazing background.

At this point, if you feel tired, you can walk back to the Nafplio old city downtown, where you can find thousands of dinning options and enjoy a great Greek dinner. If you are not tired, great! because still there is another amazing path you can explore!

The locals call it “the round of Arvanitia beach” – this path starts from the port, “hugs” the Acronafplia hill and ends in Arvanitia beach. It is one of the best paths in the city!

The full path is very close to the sea and it gives you the chance to enjoy unique views to the Argolis gulf. It will not take you longer than 10 hours – I am joking, the path isn’t too long, but every time you try to walk, you always want to take so many photos and stop and enjoy the view that you never reach the end on time.

This path ends close to Arvanitia beach, the only beach in the city of Nafplio. If it is summer, you can always go to the beach and enjoy some great time swimming – the beach is really amazing!

From there, you can walk back to the city – there are two options – either you walk all the path back to the port or simply you follow the main street from the beach and in less than 300m you will reach again the Nafplio old city downtown.

DAY – 2

You will for sure appreciate a coffee at any of the cafes in front of Nafplio port. Having your first coffee with a view of the sea, the Bourtzi fortress it is always a great breakfast! (I mean, it is for me, I guess it will be for you).

You can offer your day 2 to Nafplio city. First thing you can do, you can just take the boat from the port and visit Bourtzi. It will not take more than 2 minutes to reach it and there you will be able to walk on the fortress. Due to there is a renovation of the place (2019-2020), I am not really sure if you will be allowed to enter the castle, but still it makes sense to visit it! The view of the city from there is really unique.

Then it will be the time for you to explore the Acronafplia castle! A castle located on the hill, next to the city’s downtown. It is always open – with no entrance fees and you can access it either by walking from the downtown or by driving on the hill. (I would walk).

Find full information about the Acronafplia hill and its amazing spots to enjoy by clicking <<HERE>>.

After Acronafplia, you have to visit Palamidi castle. Located on a second hill, next to Acronafplia hill, Palamidi castle is one of the city’s greatest landmarks.

You will have two options to reach the top of the castle, you can either drive or you can take the staircase (please note that there are 999 steps to the top). I would suggest you to choose the staircase, because the view of Nafplio that you will enjoy, it is the best ever!

Find full information about the Palamidi castle by clicking <<HERE>>.

After Palamidi, you can enjoy the rest of your day walking the old city downtown and all the area close to the port – It will give you the same feeling like if you were at an island.

DAY – 3

By the time you are in Nafplio, it really worths your time to visit two of Greece’s most visited archeological sites – Ancient Mycenae and Ancient Epidaurus.

Both are located only 20Km away from the city, which means maximum 30 minutes drive. (For Mycenae you will have to drive towards North and for Epidaurus you will have to drive towards East).

Both archeological sites are MUST-SEE. Below you can find the full information for both of them.

Ancient Mycenae – click <<HERE>>.

Ancient Epidaurus – click <<HERE>>.

DAY – 4

Unfortunately for you, you will have to leave Nafplio cause your trip was only 3 days long! Unless you change your mind and follow your heart – which by the way will ask you to stay more. In this case, follow our blog and check all Nafplio options for longer stays.

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