How to make sure your love and your relationship will last

YOU WILL OFTEN HEAR PEOPLE AROUND YOU SAY “Take it easy, do not pay so much attention on him/her”

Or, if they see you really excited with him/her, they will warn you “Take it easy, he/she will take you for granted”

There is even that popular phrase we’ve all heard a thousands times

“The Man/Woman will take advantage of you if they understand you are all in with them”

All of the above phrases have the same point – you – not to pay attention to your love, to him/her

Today, I want you to think about it like this:

The biggest reason people tell you to do less is because they quit doing more

They cannot afford to have you doing more as it reminds them of what they refuse to do.

Hence, they warn you about “doing the wrong thing by doing more”.

Well, all relationships in this life, as everything else, need your attention to grow

Think about this – did you ever buy a flower at home? Did it grow once you forgot to change its water? I am sure no, right?

Everything that has a lack of attention never grow and it is the same also with your relationship and your love

Make sure you pay enough attention to your beloved ones, by the time your relationship with them matters for you

Nowadays life is busy and fast. We all easily forget to remind to our love that we care for them, that we love them

Daily routine and work tasks consume the biggest part of your day. You end up home late, totally uninterested to show any kind of attention to anyone, right?

You just want to relax and rest and remove the stress from yourself

What if, which by the way it always happens, your beloved one had also a similar day?

You both end up focusing and paying attention only on yourselves and how to feel better after a difficult day

And then it comes this time that you feel far away, with no communication, with no intimacy, with no interest

You already know the next step, I am sure you experienced it already before

So what? Will you accept the same to happen? At the end of the day, are you trying to find reasons for you not be together or to be?

If you want to be together, both happy and both supporting your love to grow, pay attention to your beloved one, your love, your relationship

Did you already think about the first objection? what, don’t you have enough time? There is never time, we create time, you have to create the time

You have to create the time for you, for him/her, for your relationship, for your love, for the great moments that you deserve to experience together

At the end, everything is about the moments you live together, the memories you both have that keeps you connected when things are good, right?

Go back and remember yourself as a child, your family and all the memories you have with them

Don’t you think first for the nice moments you experienced together? Don’t you thing of them and laugh full of happiness?

It is the same in your relationship with your love. What you parents did for you back then? They gave you their attention, right?

Do the same, give your attention to your love.

Want to know the reason relationships and love do not last? As per the surveys, the 4 main reasons are:


Lack of communication

Lack of romance

Lack of moments together

Lack of understanding

Don’t you think that behind these 4, what really is missing, it is the attention?

How can you pay attention and do not listen to your beloved one’s needs? How can you pay attention on your beloved one and your relationship needs and have lack of romance? How can you pay attention and not to create together nice moments? How not to understand each other?

Attention is what you have to give and get back and the most of the times, if you give it, it returns back to you

Before you to say no, think this – if you pay attention to your love, your relationship will be better and you will be happier, right?

Paying attention is not just do things expecting your beloved one will do back to you the same

Paying attention is feeding your relationship with support and understanding, by understanding the other person, your beloved one and his/her needs

Do not forget this, every relationship is an exchange – an exchange of value from the one person to other and the opposite

And the best way to exchange value is by offering solutions to the other person’s needs

Before to move your head on a negative way regarding the above phrase, remember this – your parents loved you because you exchanged with them the value of being their own child – the person they created in this life and you loved them back because they were always there to support you in this life to become a good human, supporting you from A to Z

You go to work everyday and you exchange your time with the support you are getting that helps you to find solutions for your needs, right?

Your employer is having more hours available for its clients – using your time – you get a salary and with this you offer yourself and your family

Every relationship needs attention and yours, needs your attention

If you wonder how you can pay attention to your love and your relationship, the answer is easy – offer quality time to it

Create time, time is not available, you create it

Add quality time to your relationship and you will be excited from the results you will see

Already thinking how you can add quality time to it?

Think of this – are you having quality time when you both are tired and sleep next to each other without to even think of talking to each other about your day?

Are you having quality time when you are not alone by yourselves?

Are you having quality time when you do not add great moments?

Are you having quality time when you are not relaxed to just sit down and hug each other?

Are you having quality time when you do not build trust in your relationship?

Are you having quality time when you do not take together breaks from the daily routine?

If you answered NO to above questions, you did well. You can’t have quality time when you keep repeating the same things everyday.

You can’t have quality time together when you do not escape your daily routine, when you do not add new experiences, when you do not give time to yourselves to know each other better

How to make sure that you and your beloved can spend quality time together?

Escape often, escape your daily routine, give freedom to yourselves and your relationship to grow

Surveys show that couples who travel more often together, they enjoy a better sex life, a better relationship

Don’t you agree that during your vacations, you have more time available to spend with your beloved one, paying attention to each other?

If yes, travel more together! The result you will see in your relationship will be the best you ever thought!

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