Are you planning to visit Greece anytime soon? If yes, that’s great! You will have for sure an amazing vacation.

Greece is very known around the world for its thousand islands. Million of visitors every year are visiting the country and they choose to explore some of the very beautiful islands.


Are you traveling to be tired or to relax and enjoy? If you travel to relax and enjoy, then find here the things you need to know in order to plan your Greek vacation easier and choose “Mainland or Islands”.

Well, we as Greeks, since we were children, we used to spend our family vacations visiting mainly islands. As kids, we are excited by the idea to move outside the mainland and explore some of the country’s islands.

Later on, we became adults and now we were traveling by ourselves, with friends, with our life partner or as a family. It was that time – that we started to understand that vacation is about relaxing, having fun and enjoying. So, the questions were? Do I want to spend 6 hours on a ferry until to reach the island? Do I want to stay at a small place that is over crowded? Do we like to move every two days from the one island to the other?

You do not have to feel the same or having the same questions, but in case of you have, keep in mind the below.

Mainland has the same beauty with islands. The most of the cities that are located next to the sea, they give you the same vibes like islands (for example Nafplio city). Plus there are 6 advantages:

Easy to Move around

It is the time of the year that you have your vacation and you want to enjoy relaxed time with your beloved ones. Are you willing to have as much time as possible available for yourself and your beloved ones or you are ok spending hours on flying from the one islands to the other (if the islands you visit have airports) or staying on a ferry for 5 to 8 hours sailing? Imagine, if the weather is also windy – you end up losing the whole day.

Mainland gives you the ability to drive easy around and reach your destination within a few hours – by the way, you have so many things to explore on your way that even the trip becomes a great experience.

More Options

Imagine yourself staying inside your bedroom and then imagine yourself staying at a big valley. Do you have the same space and options? It is the same when you choose mainland. The options are millions and you will never feel that something could be different.

Cost Effective

Think about this – if you had in 90 days to make your full annual income, could you just charge normal prices for your services? – the same like having 365 days for the same purpose? of course no. And that is normal.

Now combine the above with this – any product that leaves the mainland to reach an island has a transportation cost, right? Plus the people who are working on the islands – they have 3 months job to cover the whole year expenses. Can they work for the same salary as if it was a 12 months job? No, and that is ok.

All the above make your island vacation much more expensive than your mainland vacation.

You do not have to change always locations

So, you plan your island vacation and you choose 5 islands – 2 days on each of them. This means, 5 days you can not have time to relax, you will have to sail or fly from the one place to the other, right? So instead of 10 days vacation, you end up enjoying 5.

Greek mainland has a strong advantage. You just choose the region that you want to visit and then you pick one or two locations, you use them as your base and you explore everything around you (you will not need more than 1 or 2 hours drive from your base).

Take the example of the Peloponnese region, which by the way is one – if not the most – of the beautiful areas of Greece. You can pick Nafplio and Kalamata as your bases and very easy you can explore the whole region in max one week. You will not have to loss days of your vacation, due to in less than 2 hours drive you can explore on daily basis many different areas.

Less Crowded

Before to start imagining an extremely quite place – just think about this – 10 people inside your bedroom and 10 people at a wedding venue, does it feel the same? of course no.

The last years, there is a huge amount of visitor who choose to enjoy their Greek vacations on the mainland. Still, during the most months of the year, you never feel that any place is over crowded. The most areas are full of visitors, so you do not feel like visiting an abandoned place, but due to its size, you never feel that you can not breathe, which in the most cases, it is really nice.

More Quality Vacations

Every time we visit a new place, we all want just to enjoy the place and explore everything around it. For sure we want to have fun, but it is also important to have options and explore places with high interest – from example some unique archeological sites. Mainland, just give you this advantage almost every where.

You can be at the beach, at a castle on the top of the hill or at any unique and special archeological site.

You do not have to agree with all the above, it is just a different perspective. In any case, we guarantee to you that once you try both – and you read this again – for sure you will agree even if now, you do not!

Have a great vacation, both mainland and islands have their own beauty and for sure you will love your Greek vacation.

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