Nafplio is the most beautiful city of Greece and at this page you will have a chance to explore some of the reasons why this is true.

Acronafplia is a hill, located next to Nafplio old city downtown. Acronafplia means the “edge” of Nafplio.

The hill hides the city from the Argolis Gulf and gives to the city a great landscape. Once you are in Nafplio, it makes sense to visit the Acronafplia – you will have two ways. The first way is to walk all the way up to the top – the second is to walk the path around the Acronafplia. The first way gives you the best views to the city and the Argolis Gulf – the second gives you a chance to enjoy the Argolis Gulf and city’s port.

The words cannot really describe the feeling – we hope you will travel through our photos and enjoy the amazing views.

We use a specific way to name all the different places of the Acronafplia hill (the names are not official, we are the Godfathers of them).

A – The first turn – (Arvanitia & Argolis Gulf View)

B – The path (Old city view, Palamidi view & Bourtzi fortress view)

C – The balcony (Argolis Gulf view)

D – the window (Old city downtown and port view)

E – The clock (old city and port view)

F – The terrace (Argolis Gulf View)

G – the heliport (360 view – port – Argolis Gulf)

Below you can find the map of the Acronafplia with all these great spots so you can easier visit them:

If you are interested to explore with more details, information about this path, click HERE.

We believe that you will love the view from all these spots.

If you like walking, you can full information about the option you will have in Nafplio, HERE.

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