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Dear Anthony, below you can find some useful information for your trip.

Well, we suggested you to drive not from high way so that you can explore the biggest part of Argolis Gulf plus you can visit the winery that your friend wanted to visit.

The first stop is at Paralio Astros, where you can have a short break for a coffee or for a spanakopita at one of the bakeries there.

For the full directions click on the map

Astros looks like:

And it has also a castle at the top of the village:

From Astros, you can drive to the winery:

For the full directions, click on the map

From there, follow the below directions towards Monemvasia:

For the full directions, click on the map

Once you are in Monemvasia, what deserves your time, its the island – castle Monemvasia, where you can only walk. It is a really amazing place that you will love.

On your way to Monemvasia, if you are not tired, it is nice to visit Mistra:

For the full directions, click on the map

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