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The Citadel of Ancient Assini or Kastraki (Small Castle) is located aprox 10 kms South East from Nafplio and next to a small village called Tolo. It is located on the top of a hill, cape of 52m and length of 330m.

The Citadel was continuously inhabited from the 5th millennium BC up to 600 AC. The first citation to Assini was made by the Homer, indicating that Argos, Tiryns, Epidaurus and other cities of Argolida participated in the Trojan war with eight ships.

The construction of surviving the Acropolis Walls until today dated possibly during 300 BC by the King of Macedonia, Demetrius The Besieger. There are two gates, the main one in located on the north side and the secondary one the east side.The wall was repaired during both the Early Byzantine Period and the second Venetian Occupation.

The life cycle of the Acropolis is directly interwoven with the surrounding area and in particular wi the position Hill Barbuna, which was a large Mycenaean cemetery.

The dwelling of the Acropolis continues until about the 7th century AD, as dinds in the Lower Town certify the existence of life these centuries.

Many of the finds from the excavations of Assini are on display in Sweden museum and some in the Archeological Museum of Nafplio.

Finally, it should be noted that among other findings, there was a Mycenaean clay head called The King of Assini.

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