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Nafplio Arvanitia beach
Arvanitia Beach Nafplio

Arvanitia beach is the only beach in the city of Nafplio. Located only 700m away from the city old downtown, Arvanitia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nafplio. (rocky beach)

Greece Nafplio KArathona Beach
Karathona Beach Nafplio

Karathona beach is located only 5Km away from Nafplio city, maximum 7 minutes drive. The beach is very nice and it is the biggest one in Nafplio. (sandy beach)

Tolo beach/Golden Beach

Tolo is a small village 12Km away from Nafplio. Its main beach, Tolo or Golden beach is one of the most beautiful in the area of Nafplio. (sandy beach)

Kondili beach nafplio
Kondili/Agios Nikolaos beach

Agios Nikolaos or Kondili beach – is considered as the best beach in the area of Nafplio. The water is very deep. The beach is located 20Km away from Nafplio. (mix sandy/rocky)

Drepano/Plaka Asinis beach

Drepano or Plaka Asinis beach is located 14Km away from Nafplio, between Tolo and Kondili beach. The area is very family friendly. (rocky)

Nafplio, Greece
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