Are you planning a vacation in Greece? If yes, this article is for you, but let me first tell you one important thing about holidays in Greece.

Almost everyone who is trying to plan a vacation in another country will have to make a long research of places to visit, properties to stay, etc. It is the same when you are planning your holidays in Greece, but the country but itself gives you a huge advantage.

Well, the advantage is that the country is not so big – so, there is a smart thing that can make your planning much easier – instead of choosing many different places to stay, you can choose one place to be your base and from there, you can visit many other areas that are close to this.

Just to make it more clear to you. Traveling to Greece, you have two options – you either will visit islands or mainland. (by the way, if you are a family with kids that you prefer a more quiet scenario without thinking so much about the nightlife, mainland is the best option for you).

Simple example just for you to understand what I mean. Let’s say that you choose to visit Athens plus 1 or 2 islands. The first option for you is to start looking for a property in Athens, for a property at the first island, for a property at the second island….long story short, you will end up looking and looking and looking and at the end you will have so many bookings to too many different places.

Let’s see how the above case could be easier. Let’s say that you want to visit Athens and two islands – Salamina island and Aigina island, or Kea island and Salamina, or Aigina and Poros, etc. It makes more sense if you just book a property in Athens, have Athens as your base and from there just book tickets with the ferry or with smaller ship cruises and visit the islands.

The above scenario is not applicable in all cases, but if you are a family with kids and you do not want the headache of bookings many different properties and then once you arrive at the country to start changing properties every one or two days, this option is ideal for you.

What is important for you to do, it is just to find the right place to visit and use it as your base while you will stay in Greece.

Another suggestion is Nafplio. Nafplio is located only 120km away from Athens (140Km away from Athens Airport) and it is ideal location if you want to use it as your base during your vacation in Greece. Nafplio by itself, is one of the most beautiful cities of the country that really worths your visit. The city is very family friendly, with many pedestrian areas and many beaches close to the town.

Using Nafplio as your base for your vacation in Greece, you can visit first of all two of the most must see archeological sites of the country – Mycenae archeological site and Epidaurus ancient theatre. Both of them are very close to Nafplio.

More than that, from Nafplio you can arrange daily trips to three islands of the Argosaronicos. Spetses island, Hydra Island and Poros Islands. All of them are located very close to Nafplio and you can easily visit them using Nafplio as your base.

For more and detailed information for these 3 islands, you read our previous article here.

More than that, you can use Nafplio as your base to visit the Corinth canal (read more information here).

And also the Feneos (Doxa) lake, which is really nice even during the summer period.

For those of you who really enjoy driving, there are two more places that you can visit having Nafplio as your base.

You can visit Ancient Olympia (read more information here).

And Monemvasia, which is a really amazing place (read more information here).

As you can see this option of having one base and visit many places around it is really comfortable.

If you think how much time you have to spend to find properties to all of these different places, plus the research you need to do, I think you will understand how helpful is this concept.

You can follow the above concept to many different areas across the country. I just presented two different options, Athens and Nafplio. You can do it easily even when you visit the islands.

As locals, we visited almost everyplace in the country and we know exactly which place to choose as our base to visit all the surroundings.

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