8 things I wish I’d known before I went to Nafplio

Nafplio’s tourism boom shows no signs of slowing. The city hosts thousands of international tourists every year.

For anyone planning to visit Nafplio, here are some things we know as locals that can support you make your vacation great!

1.Old city is the centre of life in the Nafplio

Head to the old city downtown, the original heart of the city, which is full of very nice pedestrians areas, restaurants, retail shops and cafes. You will be lost in the old city’s incredible design and the huge range of colors that the flowers create everywhere – worth your time to walk around the small pedestrians paths from the one side of the old town to the port.

2. The food is great

One of the benefits of having such a big tourism season is a wealth of dinner choices. You will be able to choose between Greek (traditional & modern), Italian and Chinese cuisine.

And it’s not only about the city’s restaurants. Close to Nafplio there are many small villages and at almost everyone there are one or two Greek taverns where you can enjoy the original Greek cuisine.

3. You will enjoy swimming in many different beaches

Nafplio is located at the Argolis Gulf so the area is full of beaches. Arvanitia is the only beach inside the city, almost 800m away from the downtown, and within a 4Km distance you will find Karathona beach.

These two are also the most visited from people who choose Nafplio for their summer vacation. Outside the city driving to the South East, you will have many choices (Tolo beach, Kastraki Beach, Plaka beach, Vivari beach, Kondili Beach, Kandia Beach) and driving to the South West (Miloi beach, Kiveri beach, Xeropigado beach, Astros beach).

4. Two castles in Nafplio

Looking from any place close to the port, Bourtzi fortress will be in front of your eyes always. This island – castle is located in the middle of Nafplio’s port.

If you look on your back side towards the hill, Palamidi castle will grab your attention. Located on the hill next to the city, it is the most well known landmark of Nafplio. You can either drive to the castle or reach it via the stairs (please keep in mind – they are 999 to reach the top).

5. Acronafplia – the top of the old downtown

Acronafplia caslte/hill is the second hill of Nafplio. It is located exactly next to the old city downtown and it worths your time to visit it. You can either take the small path from the port and walk around the Acronaflia hill until the Arvanitia beach and from there you can walk all the way to the top or you can just take the main path from the old town and reach the top – clock – there is a clock on the top of the hill, Nafplio’s clock.

Walking all the way to Acronafplia you will have a chance to enjoy the best city views. Full of natural windows between the castle’s walls, Acronafplia will give you the chance to take amazing photos of the old city. From the top, you can enjoy the Bourtzi view with a great sunset on the background.

6. The History

Nafplio has a War Museum and its Archeological museum – but what worths your visit is Epidaurus Ancient Theatre and Mycenae Archeological site – both are located 20Km away the city. The Epidaurus Ancient Theatre on the East and Mycenae on the North. If you are lucky to visit Nafplio during the summer, you will have a chance to visit Epidaurus Ancient Theatre an attend a live performance – every summer, there is a festival that takes part in the area.

7. Special Days

Every year there are several events that take place in Nafplio. The dates are not always fixed, but it is always during the same time of the year.

During end of February to half of March, there is the carnival festival which attracts thousands of visitor who want to enjoy and have fun!

From 23rd to 25th of March, the city celebrates the local church of Evangelistria and every year there is a big street market that takes part in the city.

During April, there is Easter time. The city welcomes thousands of visitors who want to spend their Easter holidays here and attend all the local events.

At the beginning of May, takes part in the city the International Yacht show which attracts thousands of visitor who want to enjoy some of the worlds biggest yachts.

June to September is the summer time and Nafplio is always at the top between domestic and international travelers. During this period there are many events that take part in the city (book exhibitions, live concerts, etc).

October and November is the period of the year that the city arranges its sports events – there is the castle run – that attracts visitors who want to experience a unique run. More than that, there also many different activities that you can enjoy (horse riding, etc).

December is the Christmas period and Nafplio has always many special events to offer to the visitors who choose the city for these holidays.

8.When to visit

Nafplio is a city with almost 10 months tourism season – which means that the city gives to its visitors many different options and choices all over the year.

Well, if you focus on visiting the city and all the Archeological places, the period between March to May and September to November is the best. The weather will be perfect for your vacation.

If you want to experience the Greek summer, the period between June to September is ideal. The weather will be hot enough and you will be able to enjoy the beaches of the city.

If you want to combine a stay at city next to the sea and activities within 30 minutes from Nafplio on the mountains, the period between October to February is the best! The winter is never heavy, so you can enjoy many outdoor activities.

By the way, anytime you decide to visit Nafplio and you want the best accommodation for you and your beloved ones, we can support you.

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3 things to know before your visit to Greece

Greece is a very popular destination for family vacations. Many people from different countries choose Greece for their holidays, because of its amazing environment and the great nature – for the special food and for the friendly people.

Before to book your vacation in Greece, you have to be aware of 3 things, if you want to make sure that your vacation will be great, but before that, let me share with you a few information about the country that you have to know.

The most of the people who visit the country, reach it via one of the main airports – they mainly land at Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos Airport). This is the number one gate to the country. The airport’s location is close to Athens city and it is connected to the Athens Region with a high way, named Attiki Odos (Attiki Street). Attiki odos connects not only the Athens airport with the city of Athens, but also with the rest of the country.

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3 Tips to make your online booking easier

Using the internet to book a hotel room or a holiday apartment has certainly become the most popular way of at least starting your research. Within seconds it is possible for you to be able to identify a range of properties which fit certain criteria, such as, location, price and specific facilities.

Although the internet does offer great advantages, it is always worth accepting that this immediate access to standard, public information has its problems. Whilst starting your investigation this way, it is advisable not to make it the only way in which you reserve your holiday property.

The first obvious problem of using the internet is the fact that you do not have access to one single individual who could perhaps provide with you with a better idea of what you will be able to get for your money. Whilst the photographs on the web page might look smart and sophisticated, speaking to somebody on the phone gives you a good idea of the kind of service you might expect -or you can request a video presentation of the apartment.

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Tips for parents – travellers for great family vacations

The last years our guests that they are traveling with kids are becoming more and more and more. Before their booking, almost all of them contact us for some trips and advices regarding their vacation.

First of all, let’s start from this – you do not have to worry about traveling with your kids – even if you have babies. At the end of your vacation, trust me, you will be so happy for the great experience that you had with your family. Just look how important it is for all of us the lovely moments we had with our parents during the holidays – so give this chance to your kids to start early creating unique experiences with their parents.

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Nafplio castle run 2019

The Organizing Committee of Nafplio Castle Run, announced the Event’s date for 2019 as following:

24 of November 2019

Nafplio Castle Run is part of the city’s celebrations for its liberation which begun from the city’s castle! What is more, the Even has the only race in Greece that includes a racing castle ascension! Do not miss it!

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