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Hello Mrs Caren and Mr Herman,

First of all, thank you for choosing Vida Hospitality for your accommodation. It is our pleasure hosting you at our apartments and we will be more than happy to share with you any information that will help you create an unforgettable experience in Greece.

Well, this article contains information for a daily trip to Feneos and Lake Doxa and is focused on places that deserves your attention and are walking friendly.

So, there are two option to go to Feneos. I have created a route where on your way there you take the one way and, on your way back to the apartments the other one in order to pass from different places and see as much as possible!

What you expect to visit:

  • Village Nestani – Acropolis of Nestani
  • Ancient Feneos – Lake Doxa – Goura Village
  • Stymfalia Lake
  • Nemea – Ancient Nemea

Route to Nestani.

Click on the map for directions to the Acropolis of Nestani

Nestani was named after the ancient settlement Nestane, that was situated at the same place. Ancient Nestane was a village in the territory of the town Mantineia. Philip II of Macedon was said to have made his camp there. Still you can see in the area the acropolis of Nestani and a spring named after Philip II. The village of Tsipiana that grew near the ancient ruins of Nestane, was named Nestani in 1927.  Next to the acropolis of Nestani you can visit the Greek orthodox church and also you can spend some time walking all around this small hill.

Feneos – Lake Doxa

Click on the map for directions from Nestani to Archea Feneos

The next destination is Feneos and Lake Doxa. The first place that you will visit is Archea Feneos. Over there you can stop by the main square of the village just for a small brake and you can also visit the monastery right in the middle of the square.

Click on the map for directions from Archea Feneos to Lake Doxa

The next destination is the famous Lake Doxa. Locals still call it the Greek Switzerland due to is natural beauty with the lake and the forests in the mountains. Lake Doxa was completed in 1990 and is located at an elevation of 900m. If you look at the centre of the lake you will see a small church sitting on a small peninsula, the church of St. Fanourios. The older Greeks consider St Fanourios and the one who helped them find whatever they had lost so there are a lot of times that the Greek grandmothers would make a small pita and would pry to St. Fanourios and within the next week they would find their lost belongings.

The area was later uses by Theodoros Kolokotronis to hold meetings of chieftains from Arcadia and Corinthia. Feneos lies at the foot of mount Cyllene, the mythical birthplace of God Hermes.

Click on the map for directions to the path in the forest

After leaving St Fanourios church you can park your car at the Fenefest and then walk towards the path in the forest. A path aprox 2km where you go up the hill, you pass from the forest and then you come back to your car.

Click on the map for directions to St. George Monastery

In addition, you can either drive or park your car next to the lake and walk up the small church of St George, the “moni St Georgiou Feneou”.

Click on the map for directions to Village Goura

After leaving from Lake Doxa your next destination is a small village at the East called Goura. Goura is an old scenic village with traditional homes. At this village you can buy some traditional Greek products including honey and cheese and also you can visit the traditional local bakery that provides all the surrounding villages with homemade read. You can also stop by the main square, where the historical landmark of Oikonomou is located, for a refreshment at the traditional Greek coffee shops.

Stymphalian Lake

Click on the map for directions from Goura to the Stymfalia Lake

So, the next destination is another very popular Lake of Greece, the Stymphalian Lake. Stymphalian is located between the mountains Kyllini and Oligyrtos, at an elevation of 600m. Lake Stymphalian is linked to the sixth labor of Hercules, who faced the Stymphalian births there.

In this area you can park your car at the Environment Museum of Stymphalian, that unfortunately is closed due to staff shortage, and walk up to the highest point of the road , from where if you walk towards the edge of the hill, you can enjoy an nice view of the lake from the top!  

I would suggest you to stop also for lunch at the Stymphalian village as there are some traditional local taverns with amazing traditional Greek food.

Click on the map for directions from the Lake Stymfalia to the Village

On your way to the village after leaving from the lake you can stop by the Zaraka Monastery, a historical landmark of the area.


Click on the map for directions from Stymfalia to Nemea

As you drive back to Vida Residential apartments you will pass from Nemea, a village where the most popular wineries of Greece are located. If you really love tasting some the most special wines you can arrange a tour and wine tasting at the one of the most popular wineries that we suggest this page.

In addition, in Nemea you will be able to visit the archeological site of ancient Nemea.

Some photos of the trip so you know what to expect!!!

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