If you are still married, it means you love your spouse, right?

That’s great, that’s amazing! People are strange and nowadays – finding real love is not easy, so bravo to you that you love your spouse!

By the time you love him or her, it will be nice if you could show it with a special anniversary, don’t you think so?

If yes, great! We are here to support you plan a surprise anniversary getaway that you and your spouse will love! We guarantee that both of you will enjoy great moments and you will add some new amazing memories to your life book!


Well, let’s start from this – Nafplio is by far the most romantic city in Greece and we are sure you will love it. More than that, we will make sure that your accommodation will be the best in the city – our 2 suites are ideal for occasions like this.

For the rest, we are here to support your imagination reach its limits. You just order and we make sure to deliver at the 100%! Whatever it comes to your mind, we will deliver so that your spouse will be excited!

Contact us to communicate your ideas and thoughts, we will make sure to give you some more ideas and together will create the dream anniversary romantic getaway for you and your beloved one!

Click the button below to live chat with us or text us or call us at +30-6979005260 (& WhatsApp). If you prefer to send us email, use this vida@vida-hospitality.com

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