Isn't it great if you can enjoy a great vacation with your beloved ones and choose your own rate? It is...so we created this option for you!

Choose your desired dates and let us know your desired rate - we make sure to support you enjoy an amazing vacation at your own budget!

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Your vacation is your time of the year that you can spend great time with your beloved ones away from your daily routine, right?

Imagine if you could also choose your own rate, wouldn’t it be 2 times better?

Well, we also agree, so we created this option for you to support you on your next vacation, if you choose the extreme beautiful Nafplio for your holidays.

Why Nafplio?

Because Nafplio is one of the most beautiful Greek cities, the most romantic Greek destination and in the same time extreme family friendly city.

Want more?

Well, Nafplio is located only 120Km away from Athens (140Km away from Athens airport) – which means that in less than 2 hours you can reach the city by car.

Nafplio 365 days per year is beautiful and offers you a range of different options to enjoy your days. From early February until late November, the city is always busy with visitors who choose Nafplio for their vacation. You will never feel alone 🙂

Nafplio is located only 20Km away from the 2 most visited archeological sites of Greece, ancient Mycenae and Epidaurus.

Nafplio during summer offers you more than 10 different beaches to enjoy the sea and the sun

Nafplio has two castles and one fortress, making sure you will have too many different spots to enjoy great city views

Nafplio is full of dinning options. There is no way that you will leave the city without to add some extra kilos 🙂

Nafplio is full of romantic pedestrians streets that you and your beloved ones will love to explore 

Nafplio used to be the first capital of Greece and currently it is the capital of romance and the capital of the Greek family vacations

Want more?

You have to visit Nafplio and explore the rest by yourself, otherwise if we continue sharing information, you will get the full picture 🙂

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Well, the success of your vacation depends a lot on the accommodation that you will choose, right?

We believe that if you have a problem and you do not find the right doctor to solve your problem, the problem is on you and not on the doctor, right? You will have to live with the problem.

So, because we believe that we can really take care of you and your beloved ones during your vacation on the best possible way, making sure you will not have any problems at all, first of all we apology if you did not know us – sorry, it is our mistake – second of all, be sure that choosing us for your accommodation in Nafplio, it will be a great option.

All of our apartments are newly renovated, located exactly next to the city’s downtown and port – you will not have to move your car at all to visit the city!

Our suites can easily host couples and families of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids)

Vida Residential Apartments Suites

Our lofts can easily host families and groups of 4

Vida Residential Apartments Lofts

Who will take care of you while you are in Nafplio?

Vida Hospitality team

Well, we are brothers, family – both of us fat and bold 🙂 Panagiotis & Vasilis Totsikas

Our English is not the best, but still our hospitality is unique. We started Vida Hospitality for us – we wanted to meet new people from all over the world – and we offer our best services for you.

You can take advantage of us during your stay in Nafplio and enjoy an amazing vacation, having 2 locals at your disposal during your visit.

Well, to make it simple for you, we decided that it would be nice if you could choose your own rate, isn’t it?

Every transaction includes an exchange, right? In our case, you exchange your money and we exchange the value you get with the accommodation and the hospitality we provide you. Right?

The price cannot be expensive or no, but the value can. The price can be high or low and has nothing to do with the value. So, our normal rates for direct bookings have a variety from 120 euros to 150 per night (up to the season). 

We give you the option to choose your own price for your stay with us. 

Nafplio, Greece, Karathona beach

Just click the below button to live chat with us (from 9:30 to 23:30 GMT +3 we are online) and we will try our best to support you with your vacation in Nafplio:

(by the way, if you don’t want to chat live with us or if it does not work well for you, call us or text us or Whatsapp us at +30-6979005260)

What to expect?

Well, we are very professionals but not serious at all – we have fun and we laugh a lot. We guess this is not the information you wanted to get.

So, after you booking with us we will immediately send you a page with full information on how to reach Nafplio, we will also send you a page with full information about our location and our hospitality and of course we will send you a page with full information regarding the options you will have once you are in Nafplio.

More than that, we will stay at your disposal and we will support you with full information and advices on how to plan your trip. In case of you are travelling for any special purpose (birthday, anniversary) we will make sure to organize everything you want to make your vacation special!

Vida Hospitality Nafplio

We will welcome you at our apartments and we will help you with your luggages. (I forgot to inform you that we will make sure it will be parking available for you next to our building once you arrive).

We will make sure to explain you everything regarding the apartment and the city and after that we will be your personal concierge.

Your vacation will be great, you will feel like “home” and you will create amazing memories with your beloved ones in Nafplio.

If you do not book with us, still free to contact us for support with your trip!

Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of us!

Thank you in advance for reading this page, we apologize if you did not know us before – we undertake the responsibility for this – you will thank us later, if you stay with us!

Panagiotis & Vasilis Totsikas

Vida Hospitality team

Vida Residential Apartments are operated by Vida Hospitality team.

The property was awarded by Booking.com as the best property in Nafplio for 2018, based on the guests verified reviews.

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