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Located only 120km away from Athens, Nafplio Greece is the capital of Argolida Peninsula. The city was the first capital of modern Greece and currently it is one of the top destinations in the mainland of Greece. Nafplio stands out as one of the most picturesque towns of Greece, at the Argolic gulf, next to Argos and Tiryns. It includes a variety of monuments and traditional buildings, narrow cobble stone alleyways and buildings of Venetian style that create a mosaic of architectural styles that have been preserved from past occupancies of the city. Nafplio Greece Peloponnese is one of the most beautiful areas in mainland Greece.

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Beautiful Nafplio

Ideal destination for families with kids and couples, Nafplio Greece

Nafplio city in Greece is an ideal destination for both families and couples. The beautiful old city has a wealth of narrow alleyways and streets, steep stairs, taverns serving delicious Greek food, lively bars, clubs and cafés, a lovely seafront promenade, and enough sights to fill a week. But the best is perhaps just being in this wonderful city, watch the sun go down behind the mountains, colouring the bay red, or relax in the central square and look at the playful children, couples, friends and families enjoying food, wine or coffee. Find what Nafplio is known for here.

Nafplio Greece, one of the most beautiful cities

Nafplio Greece has 2 castles, palamidi fortress,  archaeological museum and lots of history and ancient sites. Nafplio Greece for sure will be an unforgettable experience. Palamidi and Acronafplia castles are both located close to the neoclassical old city downtown, offering amazing view of Nafplio city. Within 20 minutes drive, you can explore Mycenae and Epidaurus archeological sites and all great wineries in Nemea!

nafplio greece
nafplio greece

999 stairs

Nafplio Greece, Palamidi Castle, Nafplio city Greece - travel guide Argolis

Venetian domination – The construction of Palamidi was made in 1714 in only a few years to serve military needs by the Venetians who had occupied Nafplion since 1470. Ottoman domination – With the occupation of Nafplion by the Turks in 1540 after a three-year siege by Kasim Pasha (1537-1540), Palamidi was strategically used. Venetian domination – The restoration of Palamidi to the Venetians was made by General Morizioni, who started from Tolo, creating the anti-Turkish coalition of LINTS with the aim of releasing the Peloponnese from the Turks and redeeming Palamidi in 1686.

After the second occupation of Nafplion by the Venetians, Palamidi was given special importance and the fortifications under the supervision of Agostino Sagredo began, creating a fortification achievement in only three years (1711-1714). Ottoman domination – In 1715 the Turks conquered Nafplion for the second time and invaded Palamidi with an army of 100,000 soldiers after they blew up a large part of the fortress with the reason of his own maker, Lasal. On November 29, 1822, headed by Staikos Staikopoulos and 300 men after a month’s siege, Moschonisiotis Dimitrios stepped first into the castle from the Achilleas bastion and the castle came to Greek hands on the day of Apostle Andrew’s feast.

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The first organized settlement in Acronauplia dates to the end of the 4th century B.C. In the early Byzantine years, Nafplio remains a small city with historic buildings.

Frankish Occupation (1210/12-1389) – The citadel during this period is under the rule of De la Roche, De Brienne and D’ Enghien. Since the conquest of the castle by the crusader Villehardouin, Acronauplia is separated in two parts by an internal- partition wall.

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Nafplio Greece, as Napoli di Romania, becomes the capital of Peloponnese (Regno di Morea) and the Venetians proceed hectically to fortifying the rock of Palamidi. As a result, the castle of Acronauplia is downgraded and with an edict of the Venetians in 1686 its use is restricted to purely military purpose. The east part of the castle and the Land Gate of the Lower Town are reinforced with the building of a new bastion, named after the General Proveditore of the Peloponnese Grimani. Τhe same year, the Gunpowder Shed is built west of the internal wall.

Following the conquest of Palamidi by the army of Kolokotronis, at the end of 1822, Nafplio is liberated from the Ottomans. At the same time a large operation is launched to clear the fortress of Acronauplia from the heaps of rubble. The scattered houses are repaired and accommodate the Guard while on the east wall the first Military Hospital and the chapel of Saints Anargiroi are built.

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Connected to the Greek history

Top monuments In Nafplio Greece, best of nafplio

Nafplio city in Greece has 6 main neighbourhoods. One of the oldest neighbourhoods in the old town of Nafplio is called “Psaromachalas”. It is the part of the old city underneath the Acronafplia hill to the street called Staikopoulou, full of neoclassical buildings.

In Psaromachalas district you can find the first hospital of the country, the Agia Sofia church and the first Greek parliament.  Agia Sofia is the only Byzantine church in the old city of Nafplio. 

The first Greek parliament is one of the oldest buildings from the Ottoman architecture. The parliament originally was a mosque that was built back in 1730 during the second Turkish occupation.

Another historical building connected with the history of Nafplio is the building located in the South East corner of the Syntagma Square called Trianon. nafplio greece

Bourtzi Fortress, Nafplio was the first capital of modern Greece

Bourtzi is a castle located in the heart of Nafplio’s port in Greece. It was built in the 1473 and was named from the Ottoman Turkish “burc” meaning “tower”. It was equipped with cannons in order to protect the city from the sea invaders.

On 1930 it was licensed and operated as a hotel with 12 rooms and a restaurant but later on the license was not extended and since then the Fortress is one of the most well-known archeological sites of Nafpio.

nafplio greece
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Top paths to explore In Nafplio Greece, travel information

Nafplio city in Greece is a city full of pedestrian streets. More than the pedestrian streets of the old city downtown, Nafplio has so special paths that you can explore in and close to the city. Find also suggestion for things to do in Nafplio here.

Byzantine Churches, Nafplio Greece old town

The term “Byzantine” derives from Byzantium, an ancient Greek colony founded by Byzas. The site of Byzantium was ideally located on the European side of Bosporus, the lining of the Black Sea and Mediterranean, as a trade point between Europe and Asia. In 325 A.D, Roman Emperor Constantine I established Christianity as the official region of Rome at the Council of Nicaea. Five Years later, Constantine chose Byzantium as the site of a “New Rome” with Constantinople as its capital. The citizens of Constantinople were Romans and Christians, though many of them spoke Greek. The Byzantine Empire was the only organized state west of China that survived from the ancient times until the beginning of the modern age without interruption.

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Beneath the Akronafplia rock, Nafplio’s narrow streets contain myriad references to the history of the modern Greek state. Visitors are greeted by busts of personalities whose role was instrumental in the 1821-32 Greek War of Independence and the nascent state’s development: Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first head of the modern Greek state, General Theodoros Kolokotronis and Staikos Staikopoulos, who is credited with liberating Nafplio from the Turks. The modern Greek state’s first high school now hosts the Nafplio Town Hall. Outside Aghios Spyridonas Church, erected in 1713, a commemorative plaque marks the spot where Kapodistrias was assassinated in 1831. Bougainvillea provide natural awnings all along the town streets, adding color to the refurbished 19th-century houses.

Nafplio, Peloponnese

The most beautiful city in Greece

Nafplio Greece, Independence and
first capital

During the Greek War of Independence, Nafplio was a major Ottoman stronghold and was besieged for more than a year. The town finally surrendered on account of forced starvation. After its capture, because of its strong fortifications, it became the seat of the provisional government of Greece.

Count Ioannis Kapodistrias, first head of state of newly liberated Greece, set foot on the Greek mainland for the first time in Nafplio on 7 January 1828 and made it the official capital of Greece in 1829. He was assassinated on 9 October 1831 by members of the Mavromichalis family, on the steps of the church of Saint Spyridon in Nafplio. After his assassination, a period of anarchy followed, until the arrival of King Otto and the establishment of the new Kingdom of Greece. Nafplio remained the capital of the kingdom until 1834, when King Otto decided to move the capital to Athens.

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Best beaches to explore In and close to Nafplio Greece, great base for exploring Peloponnese

The only beach in Nafplio city in Greece is Arvanitia beach, which is located between Palamidi castle and Acronafplia hill. Within a few minutes drive outside the city, you can find some great beaches like Karathona, Tolo, Saint Nicolas beaches.

Nafplio Greece, a great destination 365 days per year, one of the most romantic cities

What is Greece for you? Amazing beaches and lively bars? Beautiful scenery and picturesque towns? Archaeological treasures and a tasty meal in a local tavern? In Nafplio you can have all this and more. Forget the overcrowded and touristy islands, less than a couple of hours drive from Athens, adventure awaits you.

This is not just a summer vacation destination. Unless you want a pure sun & beach holiday, your visit to Nafplio could be just perfect all year round.

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