If you did not start with the path 1 and you are just leaving the apartment, then you just go out of the building, take right – at the corner you will see the Piraeus bank – then take again left and walk straight – you will walk towards the hill – and you will arrive at the Arvanitia beach parking area (check here for the location).

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 17.46.49

Just before you to arrive the parking ( you will be able to see it in front of you, just take the right way) for the path 3:


Then, just follow the street and make sure always to look left and right because from this street you can enjoy the best city view:

The view that you will enjoy:

1 – click here

2 – click here

3 – click here

4 – click here

At one point, you will arrive at the city’s “clock”. It will look like:

Once you are there, in the front side, you will enjoy a great view of the Nafplio city. Exactly on the back side, if you walk, you will find a hidden natural balcony (click here to watch the video).

Click here for the location of the city’s “clock”.

That is the end of this path!Now you can walk all the way back – at some point, you will see at your left side a place that looks like this (click here). You can take this path that looks like a small street and later it will be a staircase that ends to the centre of the old city!

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