Path 1 – Walk around Acronafplia hill.


Well, you leave the apartment (as you stand in front of the building entrance, you start walking on the left, towards the port), and you walk towards the point 1. We call the point 1, P – because its shape is similar to the Greek letter ” P” which is “Π“. At that point, you have an amazing view to the Mpourtzi castle which is a small island-castle in the middle of the port. If now, you look behind, you will have an amazing view to Palamidi castle. (click here to watch a video of the location and the view).

Then, you continue to walk next to the port towards the point 2. Once you arrive there, in front of you, it will be the lighthouse of the port and on the back side it will be a small hill that looks like castle. (click here to watch a video of the location and the view from the hill/castle).

Then from the point 2 you walk on the left side (always stay at the path next to the sea) and you will enter the “Acronafplia round path”.

As you walk, on the left side it will always be the mountain and on the right side it will be the sea. Then, you will reach the point 3 – it will be again a small lighthouse – from there, you will have a full view of the Argolis gulf. (click here to open the photo and see how it looks).

Then, you continue towards the point 4. You will arrive at the parking area of the Arvanitia beach.

Once you arrive at the parking area, you either take the staircase on the right to visit the beach, or you continue straight and you walk towards the town centre (towards the apartment) or you choose the path2 or path 3.


and if we zoom in:


Option – back home – you just walk straight and in 5 minutes you will be next to the apartment.

Option – staircase to the beach – in 1 min you are at Arvanitia beach

Option – Path 2 (path to Karathona beach) – click here

Option – Path 3 (path to Acronafplia hill) – click here

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