2020 vacation in the coronavirus world by Vida Hospitality

END of the world?

Of course no, life will continue

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The reality

Big cities always give you more options for fun and social life, but in a coronavirus world, small cities are beating the competition! Everywhere on the news and the TV, people are talking about lockdowns and quarantine, but what about the small cities? Is it the same? Well, kind of yes but with a big difference! Small cities are by themselves “small”, which means less people living there. You do not have to be on a lockdown or on a quarantine in order to experience less social life. Is it bad? some times is boring but in a coronavirus environment, life continues here normal, no big difference!

The scenery

Living or spending time at one of Greece’s most beautiful cities will always worth it! Especially the last months with the whole world on a lockdown, in Nafplio life continues without big changes. Having almost 15.000 citizens with an average age 45+, even during normal days, life here is kind of quiet! Quiet but full of amazing places to visit and enjoy! A picturesque old city downtown, full of colors and small pedestrians streets with the vibes of an island, amazing paths to walk either next to the sea or on the hill next to the city, create a scenery that you will real love!

nafplio peloponnese greece

Nafplio…the heaven on the earth

Quarantine in Nafplio

We bet you can’t find a better way to enjoy your life during the coronavirus time on our planet! Humans make the world look beautiful, but even during these times, our planet has a lot to offer to us! Nafplio makes you feel that the beauty of the nature is a great vaccine for any disease. Having a social distancing life by itself here (there are not to many people living in Nafplio to make the city look busy), you feel free and safe to walk around all day long!

nafplio city, port view

The Perfect place

Full of pedestrians streets, amazing colors, surrounded by the sea, with many amazing paths to walk and some of the greatest beaches in the country, Nafplio is by far a heaven on earth! Having everything next to you, you can experience an amazing coronavirus vacation without having to worry! Escape the pressure of the current situation in Nafplio and guarantee 2020 will be a year that you will never forget. Experience the nature, enjoy a great environment and feed your eyes and your soul with the best moments!

Quarantine vacation

Life in Nafplio is quiet and especially this year that the most people will decide to postpone their vacations due to the current situation, will make Nafplio even more quiet. Take advantage of the situation and experience living for a period at the most beautiful city of Greece. Stay close to the nature, release the stress and the pressure and make sure that you will stay strong and confident to cope with any future situation. Give yourself a chance to fully recharge and delete all negative thoughts.

nafplio peloponnese greece

Make the best out of the coronavirus situation

Experience the heaven on earth and take advantage of the situation to recharge and relax in a safe environment!
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How to enjoy your time in Nafplio

Nafplio paths

Nafplio is a city full of pedestrian streets. More than the pedestrian streets of the old city downtown, Nafplio has so special paths that you can explore in and close to the city.

Places to visit

Castles, fortresses and amazing old city downtown are some the options you will have in Nafplio.

Beaches in Nafplio

Find at this page a full guide for all beaches in and close to Nafplio city.

Kids outdoor playgrounds

Explore all the areas where your kids can release their energy during your visit to Nafplio.

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