Daily Trip to Spetses

Daily trip to Spetses – Overview

Well Spetses is one of the most beautiful islands (according to my opinion) and it is a real representative of the original Greek island concept.

The island is not that big, but it is so amazing because – first of all there are almost no car – second because until today it keeps the “simplicity” of the original Greek island.

From Nafplio you have to drive to “Kosta” port – the port it is located next to Portoheli city. Please find at the below map (click on the map) the link for the google maps with the directions to Kosta port.

Do not think of a huge port, it is just a small port. Exactly next to the port, there is 24h parking. Find the exact location here. You can park your car there.

From Kosta port you can take either the normal boat which needs almost 30 minutes to Spetses island or you can take the taxi boat which needs almost 10 minutes to Spetses island. (there is a big difference on the price by the way).

Once you arrive at Spetses island, you will be at the main port which is also the downtown of the island. There are a few coffee shops there, the oldest and most well know is “Rousos” cafe, that we use to enjoy a waffle with ice cream and nutella every time we visit the island.

Check the below map – you can find the location of the Spetses port.

Well, you have many different options once you are Spetses. (if you want to visit the local museum, please find the location here – it is located next to the port). If you prefer like us to explore the island and not the museums, I would recommend you to rent bikes. The are many different shops next to the port that you can rent a bike.

Now, you will have two main options. Either to ride towards the old port (which is also very nice) and then to Agia Marina beach or to take the left side and ride towards Ligoneri.

Let’s guess that you choose the first option. From the main port, having the sea on your left side, you start riding all the way to the end – you will reach to the old port. All these area until the old port it is a very nice path next to the sea. After you enjoy the old port, you can continue to ride towards the Agia Marina beach, which is the main one from this side.

Find the location of the old port here. Find the location of Agia Marina beach here. At the below map you can review the way:

and then:

You can spend the day at the beach – there is also a restaurant at there where you can enjoy lunch.

If you want another option, you can ride back to the old port and enjoy lunch at the Mourayo (find the location here). Next to Mourayo there is also another restaurant which is very good – Liotrivi (find the location here).

So, if you choose to visit this side of the island, I think it will be a very nice experience.

Now, I will present you the second side – which by the way, since I was a child and I was visiting the islands with my parents, we use to visit more this side. (keep in mind that for this side – you have 4 options – either you rent bikes, either you hire a taxi/cab from the downtown – or you take one of the boats from the main port – they have often tours – or you take the local bus).

Below I will present you the map of he whole trip. (1 – Ligoneri beach, 2 – Agia Paraskevi beach, 3 – Agioi Anargiroi beach). If you choose to ride, maybe it will make sense to visit only Ligoneri beach (we use to ride to all beaches but keep in mind that you need timeeeee). With any of the other options, you can visit all beaches.

The map of the full trip:

(As an alternative beach to this, you can visit Kaiki beach which is almost 500m before you to reach Ligoneri beach.)

When we were children, we use to ride with our parents to all the beaches. It was not the easiest thing, but if you enjoy riding, that will be very nice. Both Agia Paraskevi and Agioi Anargiroi beaches are very nice.

You can customize your trip – by the way, you can also reach until Vrelos beach (check the above map).

If you choose this side, we highly recommend you to have lunch at Patralis restaurant. It is a very well known seafood tavern – every time we visit the island, we have lunch there – usually we eat lobster with pasta – they cook it amazing. In case of choose to eat the same, make sure once you pass from their restaurant on your way to the beaches to arrange it with them because it needs 3 hours – we use to inform them to cook it for us for late afternoon and we use to come back after the beaches (ask for Nikos, you can say that you are referred by Totsikas family – my parents had for 40 years restaurants so these people know us well).

The location of the restaurant is here.

I am sure you will enjoy it!

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