Thank you for visiting our website and thank you for your interest in our properties. Below you can find answers to many different questions that you might have:

Are you a hotel?

No, we are not a hotel. We are a hospitality company that operates residential apartments – holiday apartments for short term lease.

How many properties do you have?

We have 4 apartments, under the brand Vida Residential Apartments.

What is the difference between the Apartments?

All of the apartments belongs to same building. The Executive Suite and the King Loft apartments have a view to the front side of the building – to the main port of the city. The Deluxe Suite and the Queen Loft have a view to the back side of the building – both have a great view from the balconies to the Palamidi castle. (1st difference)

The Executive Suite and King Loft apartments have a mix of classic and modern design – more luxury. The Deluxe Suite and the Queen Loft have a modern and cozy design. (2nd difference)

Does the building have only apartments?

Well, we own and operate the 2nd and 3rd floor. All of our apartments belongs to these floors. The rest building is a mix of residential apartments and offices. (it is quiet and clean). Until the 2nd floor you can use the elevator. From the 2nd to the 3rd floor, there is only staircase. (no worries, we make sure to carry your luggages when you arrive and during your check out).

I want to know more about your location

Well, our building is located exactly next to town centre and the main port of Nafplio city. You can walk everywhere – no need to drive around the city.

Supermarket – 50m | Bank – 10m | Pharmacy – 2m | Coffee shop – 5m | Bakery – 25m | Closest restaurant – 30m | Town’s main square (town centre) – 200m | Main port – 50m | Old city (Old Downtown) – 150m | Public Transportation (Bus) – 120m | Closest beach (Arvanitia Beach) – 800m

What about the parking?

In front of the building, there is a main street where you can easily park – there are always parking spaces available. Worst case scenario – opposite of our building (20m away) there are two public parking areas (for free). There are no paid parking zones in the city.

Every time we have new guests coming, we make sure to park our own cars close to the building. So, even if you arrive at the city during the busy hours, there will be parking space available for you.

Nafplio city’s downtown (old city) has no parking areas. So, our location is the last available option if you want to park your car close to your accommodation.

Do you offer breakfast?

We do not offer breakfast as a service, due to we are not a hotel and according to the law we do not have the right to offer it as a service. But, we make sure that you will find once you arrive at the apartment everything that you might need in order to prepare a breakfast by yourself (toast bread, turkey and cheese slices, jam, honey, butter, eggs, croissant, corn flakes, chocolate cakes, milk, juice, fresh fruits) – as a complimentary.

Can I cook at the apartments?

Yes of course! That is the reason we decide to offer you an apartment and not just a room. All of our apartments are equipped with everything that you might need in order to cook!

Do your apartments offer any options for heating/cooling/warm water?

Yes, of course! Each apartment has its own heating system plus two or three A/C that you can use as much as you want. Also, at our apartments you will have warm water 24/7.

Do you have a TV at your apartments?

Yes, we have! Each apartment has one TV at the living room and one TV at every bedroom. (You can log in on Netflix).

What if want to wash my clothes at the apartment?

Each apartment has a washing machine – so, you can wash your clothes. Plus, each apartment has a laundry equipment.

Do you offer a hairdryer at your apartments?

Yes, each apartment has one hairdryer.

Do you have any suggestions regarding the options that we will have once we are in Nafplio?

We created a page with all the information that you might need. (landmarks, beaches, short trips, archeological sites, dinning options – we offer also 10% discount for all of our guests at specific restaurants – we provide you with discount coupons). Please find our page here.

We have a baby. Do you offer a baby cot?

Yes of course! Just let us know that you have a baby and we will make sure that a baby cot will be at your apartment once you arrive (there is not extra fee for this).

We want to stay enough days, is there any special discount? 

We always make sure to fulfil your requirements. Please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to satisfy you!

You can contact us for a fast reply via phone at +30-6979005260 (or text us on whatsapp here) or you can contact us via email at or you can just fill our contact form here.

I have some more questions. What shall I do?

Please feel always free to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions. (even if you just need information regarding the city, or the country, or if you need advice regarding your schedule or your trip, we are always available for you). For extra tips, read our page with advices here.

You can read more about us here.

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