Octopuses live in the bottom of the sea at places that there are rocks or natural openings in the ground that help them be protected and go out only for hunting. At the same time this by itself will cause you some trouble as these places are the most dangerous for you to lose your hook under the rocks.

Octopuses can be fished all year round with the best period being from September until November when even if the outside temperature is colder than the summer, the sea temperature is still hot enough for these animals and they will come closer to the coastline.

In addition, you can catch octopuses all day with the best hours being early in the morning with the daylight until right before the sun appears.

There are different techniques that someone can use in order to catch octopuses. At the stores that sell products for fishing you will be able to find a very common hook that actually works well in the area. Usually you can add some silicone crabs or fishes that will make your hook works better. You can find all of these products at the retail fishing stores.

Some local fishermen have used another technique for fishing octopuses with a more unique way that actually works very well. They have a leg from chicken at the very end of the fishing line along with a small piece of chain. I am not sure what the octopuses think but definitely the yellow color attracts them.

Below you can find some of the best places that you can go if you wish to go fishing for octopuses.

Nafplio Port- Point A
Nafplio – Point B

Here is a link to the map that has directions to all the aforementioned points.

Click on the map for directions to the points A and point B

Another area that you can find octopuses is the area at the very left at Karathona beach.

Point C at Karathona Beach
Click on the map for directions to the Point C in Karathona Beach.


All the area close to Nafplio has different places that you can enjoy fishing. From small fish if you wish to spend some time with your kids having fun next to the sea to places where you can professionally catch some “good pieces”!

The Port of Napflio

Click on the map for directions to the port of Nafplio for spinning

So, the first place is the port. More specifically at the point “A” you will find “hunters” and the place is ideal for spinning. Especially during the early morning hours or before the evening, if you watch inside the sea you will see small fish jumping out of the water that means that there are some big fish underneath that are hunting them. You can stand either at the port or at the end where the path with the rocks starts.  (Points “B” and “C”).

If it is your lucky day, the most common hunters that you expect here are sea bass and bluefish.

Spinning port Nafplio

The port at Tolo

Click on the map for directions to the port of Tolo

Another place that you can enjoy spinning is the port at Tolo, a small village 12 mins East South from Nafplio. At the map below you will find the best places for spinning there (points A & B). Keep in mind that in Tolo the water in very deep and you might need to have with you a net that will help you with the fight with the sea hunters!

Points A & B Tolo Port

The port at Iria

Click on the maps for direction to the port of Iria

Port at Iria. Iria is a little further from Nafplio, but it deserves your time if you really enjoy fishing. At the close by area there are professional fish farms and the smell from the food attracts all kinds of hunters. Especially at the area outside from the port there are usually sphyraena sphyraena and tuna hunting for smaller fish and if you are lucky you will be able to fight with one of them. You can use small silicone fish that you will fin


The casting is the type of fishing for those who prefer combining fishing with spending some time and relaxing next to the water. This is because at the casting the bait works for you. The only that you have to do correct is to place it perfectly at the hook and then watch for the signs. In addition, with the casting you are hunting more clever fish and you need to be very careful because every single mistake might cost you losing the fish.

In order for the casting to work better for you, you will need to have a fresh bait and this is because the smell and the natural movement will attract more fish. The most common that works in the area is called “mana”.

With the casting, the most popular fish that you are hunting is the sea bream and murmur.

At the map below you will find the best places for casting fishing.

The port of Nafplio

The point “C” at the port

Kantia beach

The point for murmur at kantia beach

Kiveri beach

Click on the map for directions to Kiveri fishing point

Tolo Port

Click on the map for directions to Tolo port at the most suitable place for casting
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