I don’t have time, I am very busy, sorry..

How many times did you say this? I guess many, right?

What does it mean to you ” I don’t have time”? Let me tell you..

It means you give top priorities to specific activities and less priority to others, right? if no, think about it again, right?

It is just sometimes yourself that does not allow you to see it clear and accept it to yourself.

Question – For Parents

How can you make sense of not having time for your kids?

I know, you will immediately think, “this is not me, I always have time for my kids”, right?

The EGO is very strong and does not allow you to see it and accept.

How many hours per day do you spend with your kids and how many hours do you spend doing other activities? If the percentage of the time you spend with your kids is less than 50%, you do not offer enough time to your kids.

I am working, I am trying my best for my kids, I want to make sure I will be able to provide them everything they might need – are you saying these phrases to yourself and the people around you? if no, think about it again, do you say them?

If yes, just think about this – everything you do, you do it for you, for no one else. Yes, you do it for you. You want to work a lot, you want to give priority to other activities and inside you, you are fine with this.


Did you ask your kids before them to come on this planet, if they wanted to have a parent who puts his or her priorities first before the kids? No, you could not.

Did you ask your kids before them to come on this planet, if they wanted to spend their whole day at the school and then with a nanny? or with the grandparents? or by themselves? No, you could not.

Did you ask your kids before them to come on this planet, if they wanted to see their parents only 1 or 2 hours per day? No, you could not.

So, the next time that you will say that everything you do is for your kids, just move a step back, think it again and say – I am doing everything I want to do, I am doing everything that makes me feel better and my kids did not have an option to choose any different parent than me.

I know, it is hard. If it was not, this world would have more great families today that it has, right? There would be less kids on this planet missing the “warm hug” of their families, right?

So, now that you are reading this post, do you question yourself? What you can do right now, not tomorrow to be more fair with your kids?

The best gift you can offer to your kids is your quality time. Yes, your quality time. Stop being selfish, stop thinking only you – start thinking of the people that depend on you – your kids.

When was the last time you remember yourself spending the 75% of your week or the 100% of it with your kids? When was the last time that you spend time with your kids without looking at your phone or replying any of your messages or emails?

Do not answer, I am happy at least that you thought about it.

Would you be happy if you were exchanging life with your kids? If they were the parents and they were treating you like you treating them – meaning not spending enough time together, eh?

Will you be happy tomorrow to know that your kids do not have any memories of their childhood with you?

Will you be happy if one day you are old and your kids will not take care of you – just because no ones taught them how to do it?

How will you react one day that you will be old, you will need your kids and they say to you that they are busy? Will you like it?

People say that the age before a child becomes adult is difficult, the kids react strange because the change of the hormones. Really?

The kids just return to you the behaviour they received. If you were busy, not having enough time for them, do not be surprised by receiving their worst version – they just want to remind you that you should have spend more time with them.

And now, I know, you will think but how can I change everything in my life? How is it possible to reduce the time I offer to other activities – including your work – and offer more time to my kids?

Well, it is not easy, it requires an effort. Lucky you, there is already a great path.

Before to explore the path, just think about this – what do you remember from your childhood? What do you remember from your parents?

I guess you remember the nice moments, you have great memories. You remember these times that you and your parents were enjoying together, right?

Don’t you remember the amazing time you had with your parents on your family vacations? This first time on the plane together, this amazing beach you first saw all together? This great dinner you had one evening at this special restaurant?

So, in some how, you already know the path.

The path includes new experiences, great moments, special memories, new places, enough time together, quality time together, right?

Life nowadays is busy by itself, your needs are higher that your parent’s needs back then, so it is totally clear that you have to coordinate your time better.

Do not quit anything of the things you are doing, just add more quality time with your kids. Travel together, experience new things together, see new places together, do new things together.

Easiest way? Just make sure that during the year, you take some breaks from your daily routine and offer quality time to your kids.

Family vacations were, they are and they will always be the best way to spend quality time with your kids.

If you can’t make sense of arranging once or twice per year a family getaway, how can you make sense of saying to yourself that you are a good parent?

Change the way you treat your kids, change the way you offer them your time before it is too late, for them, not for you.

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