Dear Fransesco, we created this page to support your trip from Proastio to Nafplio.

Below you can find the map of the full trip:

For the directions of the full trip, please click HERE.

Well, you will have first to drive from Proastio towards Kalamata city and from there to take the high way that connects Kalamata to Athens.

While you will be driving on the high way from Kalamata to Athens, after Tripoli city exit, you will have to continue for almost 20Km and you will have to take the Sterna exit.

It will look like this:

At this exit – all the signs will refer “To Argos city” and “To Nafplio city”.

Keep in mind that as you drive on the high way after you pass Tripoli city, there will be some tunnels. Once you pass the tunnels, you drive for some more Kilometres and the exit will be in front of you.

Once you take the exit, you continue all the way straight until you reach this point:

At this point you have to take right towards Argos city. Then, you will have to drive for 3 to 5Km and you will pass through Argos city.

As you enter Argos city, it will look like this:

Once you reach the city’s entrance, it will be a point that on the left you will see a Shell gas station and exactly on the right a BP gas station. Once you are there, it will be a fork – the right street goes to city centre and the left street goes towards Nafplio. Keep the left and continue straight for almost 2kM until you exit the city. (there are everywhere signs – to Nafplio).

As you exit Argos city, you will reach this point:

All signs will say – Left – towards Nafplio. Please take left and continue for 12 Km.

After 10 minutes drive you will enter Nafplio city. As you enter the city, you will see on your right hand a supermarket – Kritikos. Please take right as you see on the photo below:

Then continue straight for 1 minute and you will reach our building. Once you reach, you will see the National Bank on the left:

Once you reach this point, just text me, I will be waiting for you there. Our building is exactly next to the National bank towards the port. At the ground floor there is a Pharmacy.

I hope it will help you! I stay always at your disposal!