Greek Dessert – Galaktompoureko – Recipe

Dear Esther,

First of all we would like to thank you for staying at our apartments! It was our pleasure meeting you and we are very happy that you had a nice time in our country!

As we promised you, we created this page especially for you so to have the recipe from our mom’s homemade galaktompoureko! We remain at your disposal if you require further information and it will be our pleasure hosting your family and you at our apartments again!

We send you the recipe exactly as we found it from our mother.


  • 2 Litre Milk
  • 4 eggs – (only the yolks)
  • 1/2 tea-cup Sugar
  • 1/2 tea-cup semolina
  • Butter
  • 1 vanilla
  • Filo Pastry

Step to follow:

We mix the eggs with the cold milk. We put it at the boiler at slow fire until it will start boiling. When the milk boils and swells we remove it from the fire. We leave it for a while and then we through the butter and slowly the semolina and we mix it very well until it sets – Do not forget all the time mix it.
After you brush the pan with butter, and you start placing the filo pastry.
You put two filos and then on top you brush again with butter. You continue the same procedure until you have six filos total.
After you put the cream that you created earlier and on top you continue the same procedure with the filos (filo – Brush with butter – filo) until you have 6 more filos.
At the end you just try to put the edges of the top filos in the pan so to make a nice shape and you cut it in pieces.

Now your dessert is ready for cooking!

You place the pan in the oven at the 200 oC for aprox 1,5 hours.

Now you have to prepare the syrop that will go on top of the hot galaktompoureko.

Ingredients for the syrop:

  • 1,5 tea-cup Sugar
  • 2 soup-spoons glucose
  • 2 cups water

You put into light fire the syrop and you mix it all the time.

Once the dessert is ready, you remove it from the oven and you place the syrop on top slowly so to go everywhere. You leave the dessert to get cold and then you are ready!!!!

Hopefully we were able to transfer you exactly the recipe! If you cannot understand it , you just let us know and we prepare a video with step by step the procedure!!

Enjoy the homemade galaktompoureko!

Homemade Galaktompoureko

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