Have your own holiday apartment in Nafplio, Greece - by Vida Hospitality

Who does not want to have his/her own holiday apartment in a beautiful city like Nafplio? Isn’t it nice if you can enjoy short or long getaways anytime you want at your own holiday apartment?

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Life isn’t about the hours your spend at work, life is about the hours you spend with your beloved ones, enjoying together great moments, right? We also agree with this, so we decided to create this concept of “having your own holiday apartment”.

With the prices being very high the last years in Greece, you can’t find a good property for less than 2000 €/sq.m. (good property meaning less than 20 years old, fully renovated at a great location). In simple words, you will have to pay a minimum of 180-200.000 € for a good one or two bedroom apartment (70-100sq.m.) at the nice cities of Greece, without adding on it the purchasing expenses.

Question – does it make sense to pay this amount for a property that will not produce for you anything? If you can make sense of it, fine! Because we can’t, we thought that renting it instead of buying, it makes more sense. Instead of you putting 200.000 € sleeping and not working for you, you can rent it our for 10-12.000 € per year, get your holiday apartment and still keep the rest money to support your life. Right? Plus, if at some point, you choose to change location, you just do it at the end of your annual contract, correct?

If the above make sense for you, then our concept “your own holiday apartment in Nafplio” will be a good match to you.

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Your own holiday apartment in Nafplio

The concept is simple and for this reason we will present it to you in a simple way, without any tricky points. We own and we operate our own holiday apartments in Nafplio, Greece. All of our properties are new (less than 15 year old) residential buildings and all of our apartments are fully renovated and fully equipped. All locations are great, close to the centre, giving you the option to walk everywhere!

You rent from us the apartment that fits better to your needs, all inclusive (meaning with the utilities included in the rent) and you have your own holiday apartment in Nafplio. The contract is annual and you have different payment options (monthly, annual) with different benefits each of them. You get your keys and start living! We take care of the property maintenance, we undertake to cover the utilities’ costs and of course we are your private concierge while you are in Nafplio. For the periods you are not here, we as the property management company, undertake to guarantee that the property is safe and ready for you once you decide to visit it!

The concept is similar like if you were renting a room inside a hotel for a whole year. You can visit it anytime you want, no one else can use it than you, and the management team takes care of it for you! The advantage of our concept is that we are not a hotel and we do not offer a small room – instead, we offer big apartments, which could be even your permanent residency. Plus, our services are more focused on the interpersonal relationship so that you feel home.

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Why Nafplio?

Well Nafplio is not only a very beautiful city and a great holiday destination 365 days per year, Nafplio is also a very friendly city and very quiet – considering the safety of the life. Located only 120 Km away from Athens, it means that either if you live in Athens or if you live anywhere else in the world and you land at Athens airport, within 1:45h you can reach Nafplio by driving on the highway. There is no other nice city so close to Athens, for those of you who want a holiday apartment close to the capital of Greece.

As a local, you consider driving to Athens as a normal route – keep in mind that you need the same time to reach Athens from Nafplio as the time you need from the South of Athens to reach the North.

Nafplio has a tourism season of almost 10 months, being a very hot holiday destination during all the seasons of the year. You will never feel that the city is empty, without in the same time being extreme busy, because Nafplio attracts mainly families and couples that choose to visit Nafplio for its quality of life and options.

The weather is warm for almost 8 months and from the rest 4, there are no more than 10 to 15 rainy days per year. Being a great base to explore the whole Peloponnese regions, Nafplio became the last years the main place to live for many foreign people who choose to enjoy their life at a warm and safe environment, with an international culture.

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What to do in Nafplio?

Nafplio, because of its location, offers you a big range of different options when it comes to the things you can do in and close to the city. We created a full guide for you, so that you get a good understanding of your options. Find your full guide for Nafplio below:

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Vida Hospitality apartments in Nafplio

Currently we operate 4 apartments close to Nafplio old city downtown, at the Mpoumpoulinas 37 str, 200 metres away from the old city centre, next to Nafplio’s port. The name of the residential building is “Vida Residential Apartments” and offers 4 luxury and newly renovated apartments, with one and two bedrooms, from 73 to 101 sq.m.

Soon, we will deliver a new residential building with 4 more luxury apartments, very close to Nafplio old city and there are some other projects that will be delivered during the next 1 and 2 years. 

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All of our holiday apartments are fully equipped with everything you might need. Suitable for 2 to 4 guests, can be the best holiday apartment option for families and couples.

Our customer service is available 24/7 and our maintenance team every day from 8am until 8pm. You can contact us anytime online and we will accommodate all your requests within minutes.

Vida Residential Apartments

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The 4 apartments belong to the same residential building at the 2nd and 3rd floor of it.

Executive Suite

Vida Residential Apartments - Executive Suite

The Executive suite is a 101sq.m. one bedroom apartment, located on the 2nd floor of the building with a view to Nafplio’s port.

The Deluxe Suite

Vida Residential Apartments Nafplio Greece, ναυπλιο διαμερισματα, διαμονη ναυπλιο

The Deluxe suite is a 75sq.m. one bedroom apartment, located on the 2nd floor of the building with a view to the Palamidi castle.

King Loft

Vida Residential Apartments,King Loft

The King Loft is a 73sq.m. two bedroom apartment, located at the 3rd floor offering access to the building terrace.

Queen Loft

Vida Residential Apartments, Queen Loft

The Queen Loft is a 75sq.m. two bedroom apartment, located at the 3rd floor of the building, offering a view to the Palamidi castle.

What is included in the "holiday apartment" package?

You rent the apartment fully furnished and fully equipped – all utilities bills are also included in the rent price (internet, heating, A/C, electricity, Building common areas expenses and cleaning, insurance).

Literally, you can start living the day one without to need anything and without to care about anything! We get you covered from A to Z. 

Vida Residential Apartments, Queen Loft

Vida Hospitality Nafplio

We are brothers, we are family and we respect family values. Vasilis and Panagiotis Totsikas, we are leading the property management team and we are responsible for your accommodation. Our services have an interpersonal approach, making sure you will feel home! We stay at your disposal 24/7 to guarantee that you enjoy a great time in Nafplio and we take care of the apartment while you are not here.

Vida Hospitality team

Your own holiday apartment in Nafplio - Prices

The price package for all the apartments is the same and starts from 1.100 €/month, which means total 13.200 €/year. The minimum period you have to lease the apartment in order to get this package is one year (12 months). You can renew as many times as you want with a 6-months notification in advance. The price included all the utilities costs and you can use everything as much you want (A/C, heating, etc).

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Pay as you go (monthly)

Monthly rent (including utilities) 1.100 €

Annual rent (including utilities) 13.200 €

2 Monthly rent (deposit) – 4 payments/year – minimum contract 1 year

Annual (one payment)

You get a 10% discount for paying the annual rent in advance

Annual Rent (including utilities) 11.880 €

Every additional year (2nd, 3rd, etc) you get an extra 10% discount – annual rent (including utilities) 10.692 €

1 Monthly rent (deposit) – 1 payment – minimum contract 1 year

The apartments are available anytime after January 2020 upon availability. Find our availability below:

1. Deluxe Suite                                                            
2. Queen Loft                                                            
A. Executive Suite                                                            
B. King Loft                                                            
Garden Apt A                                                            
Garden Apt B                                                            
Terrace Apt A                                                            
Terrace Apt B                                                            
Vida Residential Apartments,King Loft

Have your own holiday apartment in Nafplio and start living

In order to get your own holiday apartment in Nafplio and start living, contact us at +30-6979005260 (and WhatsApp), or send us email at vida@vida-hospitality.com or simply, just click the below button to live chat with our customer service team:

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