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Don’t you agree that family is not just an important thing, it is everything – If yes, love your family, spend time together, be kind and serve one another…make no room for regrets, tomorrow is not promised and today is short.

Create amazing memories with your family, make it today! Going on family vacation is the best way to do it! The more nice time you spend with your family and your lovely ones, the more happy you are and if you do it on a family escape, you increase the happiness level to the maximum! Don’t you want to be more happy? If yes, read our advice below:

We all are so busy with our daily routine, with our job, with our tasks and our responsibilities. We all forget that spending time with our lovely ones, with our family…it is something that we will not be able to do it for ever. Do not let your daily habits and your daily schedule, keep you away from these nice moments.

Before to share our advice, just let me tell you very fast a story from my own life…My name is Vasileios Totsikas and I am the property manager at Vida Hospitality – with my brother we run our family apartments in Nafplio, Greece. I am 32 years old and I already experienced this – I was not able to spend enough time with people that I loved and I am still loving….and now we are not anymore to each other life, in some way.

My parents used to work hard. I remember myself spending the summer time at my grand parents place, due to my parents were very busy during that time. Every September, at the first day at the school, the teacher used to ask: How did you spend your summer? I remember, all of my schoolmates, they had million stories to share about their summer vacation…different places, different experiences, amazing time with their family….when the teacher was asking me about my summer experience, I was always looking down to the floor….and my mind was creating very fast an ideal “summer time with family” as I was imagining how it had to be….and then, I was describing this…but inside me, I was sad that it wasn’t real…I hope you do not blame me for not being honest to my teacher when I was child..Now, I am older, I have my own life…it is not so easy to be “the child” and go for a vacation with my parents….so, we lost the chance to do it when it was the right time…(but still, we are a family and we love each other so much).

Later, when I became older…I had a relationship with a girl named Maria. We loved each other (or…I guess she loved me too), and we were together for a few years. Unfortunately, this relationship did not last for ever….but thinking back, she was an amazing person and I am lucky that I met her in my life. But, we could have spend more time together. Due to our jobs, we could not travel together, we could not spend time on a vacation together….maybe things could be different, if we had spent the right time together – if we had created more time together far away from our daily routine and our daily tasks…

Still here? good.

I can share million of times in my life that I could have spent more time on vacation with my lovely ones and my family….but I guess, this is not interesting for you…

So, I will go straight to the advice.

Spend more time with your boyfriend and your girlfriend, spend more time with your husband and your wife, with your brother and sister, with your parents, with your kids…travel together, go on a vacation together….try to escape together from your daily routine….stop finding excuses for being busy….for not having enough time….time is never enough, we create it…and we create it as per our priorities….make your family and your lovely ones your number one priority by giving them the most of your time!

Sooner or later, you will understand it! So, instead of regretting it later, by the time it will make you happy now, do it today! Arrange your next family escape….plan your next vacation with your lovely person…do it now, so you start immediately receiving the benefits!

Take the decision now. Either way, you are going to make a decision (…not doing it, it is a decision).  Are you thinking of it?….think of an elephant!….did you see how fast you thought about the elephant? thoughts are instantaneous., thoughts are immediate. What you need to do now is make a decision. Yes or no.Do or don’t do. Which is it?

By the way, if your answer is yes, we can support you. We operate 4 holiday apartments in Nafplio, Greece. All of our apartments are fully equipped and fully furniture, really suitable for 2 to 4 guests that want a home away from home feeling during their holidays! You can review all of our apartments here.

Currently, we run a new offer for all of our Instagram followers for the 2019 that will book direct with us! Choose any of our properties (minimum 2 nights) and you get the below offers:

2 Nights – 260,00 EUR (this is our standard rate – 130,00 per night)

3 Nights – 340,00 EUR (you save 50,00 EUR)

4 Nights – 430,00 EUR (you save 90,00 EUR)

5 Nights – 520,00 EUR (you save 130,00 EUR)

6 Nights – 610,00 EUR (you save 170,00 EUR)

7 Nights – 700,00 EUR (you save 210,00 EUR)

All offers are available for any booking between May 2019 to December 2019.

We created a page with information regarding the city and the different options that you can have, (Read the page here), so that you can schedule easier your days.

Just contact us via email at or via phone at +30-6979005260 (you can text us also via whatsapp at the same number), let us know which of our apartments is more suitable for you, inform us about your desired dates and we will try our best to fulfil your expectations!

I know that my English level is not the best, for sure my friend Nick from UK will complain about this page 🙂 , but I can guarantee you that all of our 500+ guests, who stayed at our properties the last 2 years (including my friend Nick from UK) will forever remember our hospitality and will always stay in touch with us!

Thank you for reading this page!

We are always at your disposal – Vasileios and Panagiotis Totsikas – and our Vida Hospitality team.


We are brothers – family – team, we play, we laugh, we respect family values….we love to take care of our guests!


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