Vida Hospitality Loyalty Program | Hotel & Holiday Apartments in Nafplio

Vida Hospitality Loyalty program – is a reward program for people who visit often Nafplio and choose to stay at our apartments.

We created our loyalty program to support our guests enjoy their vacations in Nafplio at the best possible rate. This program is ideal for:

  • Guests who know that they will visit Nafplio during the year, at least 4 days 
  • Guests who visit Nafplio more than once per year
  • Guests who are connected with Nafplio  and visit the city every year

Vida Hospitality Loyalty Program

Enjoy your vacations in Nafplio, having the best accommodation in the city

Nafplio as a destination

Nafplio is by far a must destination for domestic guests, at least once per year! Many foreign guests choose also Nafplio as their holidays destination and in some cases even as a place to spend a big part of their year time.

The warm weather of Nafplio, its amazing old city downtown, the safe environment and many options 365 days per year, make Nafplio a Top places to visit for your getaways and your vacations.

The Vida Hospitality Loyalty program is created for those of you who are enjoying Nafplio city at least 4 days per year and for those of you who visit Nafplio at least once per year.


The most romantic city in Greece and one of the more beautiful cities in the country, if the most beautiful one

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Sunny days per year
Km away from Athens
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Family Friendly city

Vida Hospitality Loyalty Program

Vida Hospitality loyalty program gives you 3 different options, based on the time you spend every year in Nafplio. If you can’t find your desired option, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to support you!

4 Nights

  • Max 2 nights per stay - total 2 stays
  • Upon availability
  • Subscription service for 1 year

6 Nights

$ 450
  • Max 3 nights per stay - total 2 stays
  • Upon availability
  • Subscription service for 1 year

8 Nights

  • Max 4 nights per stay - total 2 stays
  • Upon availability
  • Subscription service for 1 year

Our loyalty program fees are between 30% to 50% lower than the price of our standard rates.

Policy & Terms of the program

  • Payment of the subscription fee in advance
  • Reservations upon availability
  • The subscription is valid for 1 year
  • No refund of the subscription fee in case of you do not use the package’s stays

Vida Hospitality Loyalty Program | Best price guarantee

Vida Hospitality Nafplio

Vida Hospitality

For those of you that you already know us, you can confirm our hospitality is top. For those of you that you do not know us, we guarantee that you will thank us later!! 

Our Apartments

Great locations in Nafplio city, newly renovated – fully furnished and fully equipped apartments, suitable for 2 to 4. The best holiday and hotel apartments in Nafplio city.

Vida Residential Apartments, Deluxe Suite, ναυπλιο διαμερισματα, διαμονη ναυπλιο

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