Dear Mr. Fernando,

Below you can find information regarding the visit at Tolo village – rent a boat.

I made an online research and I found that the company with most review is Bik John:

For the information online please click HERE.

I called them earlier today, they said that you do not need any license to rent the boat!! Their price for 1 hour is 20 euros but if you rent for more hours, the price per hour is 15 euros (all included).

So for 2 hours = 30 euros, for 3 hours = 45 euros, for 4 hours = 60 euros.

They are located on the beach in front of Romvi Hotel. For the location please click HERE.

Once you arrive at Tolo, there is a main street that goes from the one side to other. While you are driving on this main street, once you are close to their location, take any street on the right and park your car. The beach is on the left side, so once you park just go down to the beach and you will find the place for the rent – a – boat in front of the hotel.

Their mobile number is 0030-6972802956. He said that it would be useful if we could update him from today regarding the plans so that he can make sure that the boat will be available. You can call him anytime or if you want, just let me know when you want to visit them and I will call them to update them.

For directions to visit the exact location of the rent – a – boat from our apartments, please click HERE.

This is how it should look like once you arrive:

Once you pass next to the Europcar – rent – a – car, take first left and then again left and you will reach the hotel. (You can go all the way straight, in 100m you will reach the port parking – you can park your car there and then walk back to the Romvi hotel, go down to the beach and find the place for the rent – a – boat).

I stay always at your disposal!