Dear Mrs Janet, I hope you are well. We created this page with information regarding a vacation in Nafplio for you and your family.

Who we are

We are Vida Hospitality team and we are managed by myself (Vasileios) and my brother, Panagiotis. We have also a dog, Lisa!

We have also the support of our mother, she loves cooking, and she makes sure all of our guests have homemade jam when they arrive and homemade dessert while they are here!

Where is our location

Our apartments are located in Nafplio, Greece – Nafplio was the first capital of Greece and still it is the most beautiful and romantic city of the country.

At the below maps, you can check our location on the map plus our location comparing to Athens International Airport, which is the closest airport to our city.

For our exact location, please click HERE.

Watch some videos of Nafplio, our city:

Below I will share with you videos of our apartments.

Executive Suite (1 bedroom – 101sq.m – 1 bathroom – max 4 guests)

Deluxe Suite (1 Bedroom – 76sq.m. – 1 bathroom – max 4 guests)

Queen Loft (2 Bedrooms – 75sq.m. – 1 bathroom – max 4 guests)

King Loft (2 Bedrooms – 73sq.m. – 2 bathrooms – max 4 guests)

Below you can find a few articles with information about Nafplio and suggestions for Greek vacations.

If the weather is good when you are here, we will offer you for free also the below experience:

You will have a great vacation and we will make sure to support you to make it the best!

Our prices for you for any apartment will be 120 euros per night, even if our price for the specific period is higher.

I am sure during your check out, you will thank me for this!

By the way, you can find full information about the options you will have once you are in Nafplio HERE.

You can read our guests review on HERE.

I stay always at your disposal!