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Nafplio was the first capital of modern Greece. Today, the city is one of the top destinations on Greece’s mainland. Located only 120 km from Athens, Nafplion is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. You can use Nafplia as your base to explore the Peloponnese region, the most family-oriented area in Greece. Find at this article all you need to know about your Nafplio Greece Accommodation.

nafplio greece accommodation, old city

Nafplion, Nafplio Greece Accommodation

Nafplion offers two castles, one fortress, and many other archeological points of Interest. Acronafplia Castle, located next to the old city of Nafplio, offers excellent views of the city and the Argolis Gulf. Palamidi Castle, situated behind the old city, offers unique views of the city from the top and a panoramic view of the Arvanitia beach. Akronafplia and Palamidi are the highest parts of Nafplio city. In the middle of the port, you will find Bourtzi fortress. A castle, located exactly at the entrance of the port, which you can visit by boat and enjoy great views of the city’s picturesque old downtown. Nafplio is a small city next to the sea, offering guests a chance to explore the unique architecture and natural beauty via paths within walking distance of the city’s center.

nafplio greece accommodation, vra
nafplio greece accommodation, old city port
nafplio greece accommodation, old city

Nafplio Greece Accommodation, Nafplio old town

The majority of hotels are located in Nafplio’s old city. Old buildings with unique architecture—influenced by the Venetian period—were transformed into boutique hotels, offering a chance to stay in the center of the old town. The old town of Nafplio also includes some very unique properties, which were used during the old times as the primary residence of special Greek people who supported the country in reaching its independence. 

Nafplio Greece Accommodation, Old town Nafplia

In the heart of Nafplio, the old city, you can expect more pensions with Neoclassical architecture. Smaller rooms and suites, with a view to the old town district of Nafplio and a balcony overlooking either the port or the Syntagma square. Styled rooms are centrally located in Nafplio town, with direct access to the picturesque city of Nafplio and a 7-minute walk from Arvanitia Beach.

Nafplio Greece Accommodation, Hotel in Nafplio, place to stay

More than the properties in the oldest part of the city, Nafplio offers more modern and stylish apartments and hotels in the other parts of the city. The area next to downtown has a great location with plenty of parking space and easy access to the port and the heart of the old town. Great hotels, with modern decorated rooms more spacious than the old town pensions, offer a great base for exploring the city with easy access to the restaurants of the old town.

Best hotel to stay in Nafplio, Nafplio Greece Accommodation

Nafplio offers plenty of accommodation options. Nafplio Greece accommodation has been upgraded a lot in recent years, with many new high-end apartments and apartment buildings. New hotels were also developed, with comfortable and luxury guest rooms!
As you embark on your search for the perfect Nafplio Greece accommodation, the information provided below will serve as a reliable guide, assisting you in making an informed and confident decision.

nafplio greece accommodation, old city streets

Nafplio Greece Accommodation, hotels and places to stay

The city has 4 main different areas. The old city, the area next to the old city, the area towards Palamidi castle and Karathona beach and the area outside the city, towards the East side of the Argolis region.

For those of you who do not mind the noise of the downtown area and the lack of parking space, Old Town would be ideal. Everything will be within walking distance, and you will not need your car at all. You can expect smaller rooms and suites, most of which are renovated. In the downtown, you can find some very good hotels – hotel Ippoliti, Grande Bretagne, 999 Luxury Hotel, Byron Traditional Hotel, Nafplia Palace Hotel, Impero Nafplio Hotel, and Leto Nuevo Hotel.

If the idea of no parking space does not really match your plan, the next area – attached to the downtown will be ideal for you. Still, you will enjoy walking distance to the city, without the need for a car, but you will have plenty of parking space, plus less noise and smell from the restaurants. If you choose this area, we would love to support your stay with our Vida Residential Apartments, located at the entrance of the port and Old City.

Nafplio Greece Accommodation, boutique hotel and suite outside the city's centre

Once you explore options for your Nafplio Greece accommodation, the third option you have is the city area located at Palamidi Hill, towards Karathona Beach. With a distance of 2-3 km from downtown, you will definitely need your car! You can expect views of nature and a quieter environment. In this area, you can find both hotels and private holiday homes.

The final option takes you outside the city, towards the Ancient Epidaurus, to a place called Pirgiotika. The distance to the city is 8-12 Km, offering a peaceful retreat. Here, you can find hotels with swimming pools and private restaurants, perfect for a relaxing stay. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Perivoli country hotel.

nafplio accommodation greece, karathona

Nafplio Greece Accommodation, Nafplio city

Nafplio is by far one of the must-visit cities in Greece. Its privileged location makes It a great base for exploring the Peloponnese region and the Saronic Gulf islands, which are a short drive away! Make sure to book your stay in advance because the city has had an increased number of visitors in recent years, and many of them choose to book 3-6 months in advance.

The best periods to be in Nafplio are Spring and Autumn. Summer is also a great period but be prepared for more busy days in the city.

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