Nafplio, it is called “The capital of Romance”, the most beautiful Greek city – it was the first capital of modern Greece and now it is one of the TOP destinations in the country. Nafplio Greece Peloponnese!

Located only 120Km away from Athens, the city is a MUST destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. Having an amazing location, Nafplio is by far a place you have to visit.

Nafplio is full of great spots – from where you can enjoy some of the most amazing views of the city and of the Argolis Gulf.

nafplio greece Peloponnese

Below you can find the list with the TOP 10 spots in Nafplio:

1 | The square (Sintagmatos Square) – nafplio greece Peloponnese

The square is the heart of the old city. Full of cafes and restaurants, surrounded by small pedestrian streets, the square is a must spot in Nafplio.

2 | “ The big street”

It is actually a small street, but we call it the big street because it is the main street that connects the new with the old city, ending at “the square”.

3 | “ The port” – nafplio greece Peloponnese

Nafplio has its own port , which it is known for its fortress “Bourtzi”. The walk next to the port gives you the chance to enjoy great views of Bourtzi.

4 | “ The lighthouse

The lighthouse is located at the end of the port. It is the best spot in the city to enjoy the greatest view of Bourtzi fortress.

nafplio greece peloponnese

5 | “The old city

Nafplio is known for its old city downtown. Influenced from the Italian architecture, the old city downtown is a place you never feel bored to walk around and explore its hidden small pedestrian streets.

nafplio greece peloponnese

6 | “ The round of Acronafplia or the the round of Arvanitia

At the end of the port walk, you can continue on a small path that follows the Acronafplia hill and ends at Arvanitia beach. It gives you the chance to enjoy great views to the Argolis Gulf.

7 | “ The clock (Top of the city)

The clock is located on the top of Nafplio, which is also the top of Acronafplia castle. The clock is considered as the best spot in Nafplio for the greatest old city views from the top

8 | “ The Balcony”

The balcony is located on the back side of the clock and it gives the chance to enjoy great views from the top of Argolis Gulf

9 | “The Windows”

On your way down to the city from the top of Acronafplia hill, you will have the chance to enjoy two “natural windows”, one with a great view to the old city and the other with great view to the Argolis Gulf and Arvanitia beach

10 | “The path

We call “the path”, the pedestrian path that connects the Acronafplia castle with the old city downtown. The entrance of the path gives great views to the Bourtzi fortress and the city’s downtown.

nafplio greece peloponnese

Special Spot “ Palamidi castle”

Palamidi is the main castle of Nafplio. The one of the options you have to visit it, is by taking the staircase of 999 steps. The view of the city that you will enjoy from there, it is really amazing!

nafplio greece peloponnese

nafplio greece, the most beautiful Greek city

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