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The Archeological Site of Ancient Nemea

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The Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea developed in the beginning of the 6th century BC. The first Temple of Zeus was constructed during the Archaic period, while the Treasuries were erected during the 5th century BC. A large construction project was built during the 4th century BC including a new Temple of Zeus, a Stadium, baths and a hostel. In 270 BC the games were transferred to Argos and this lead to the decline of Nemea.

The Stadium of Nemea, that was built at the end of the 4th century BC, was 178m long and could accommodate aprox 40.000 spectators. It was built aprox 400 m South East from the Temple of Zeus. The track was bordered by a stone water-channel with stone basins at intervals for drinking water. A rectangular building with an internal colonnade on its western side served probably as a “changing room”. The spectators were sitting in roughly levelled terraces, cut in the soft rock, while two or three rows of seats were constructed between the starting line and the stoas.

In this stadium, Panhellenic games were held every two years in honour of Opheltes until 270 BC after when the games were transferred to Argos.

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