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Most valuable offers for your next vacation in Nafplio, Greece

by Vida Hospitality

We created the most valuable offers to support your next visit to Nafplio. If you cannot find an offer that fits to your plan, feel free to contact us and we will make sure to create a customized one for you!

Long Vacation Offer

Vida Hospitality offers to those of you who want to stay longer, special weekly and monthly deals to support your vacation! Take advantage of our valuable offers, spend more time with your family on a vacation and save more.

Long Stay Offer

If you are planning to stay in Nafplio more than one month, check our Long Stay Offer for 1+ month stay

Vida Hospitality Loyalty Offer

This offer is ideal for those of you who know for sure that you will visit Nafplio more than once per year

Holiday Apartment Offer

This offer is ideal for those of you who want to enjoy life at the most beautiful Greek city

Horse Experience Offer

Stay 2 or 3 nights at any of our apartments, anytime of the year and get a FREE horse experience that you and your kids will love!

Groups and Families offers

Take advantage of our special offers for groups and families and enjoy a great vacation in Nafplio, Greece at special rates

2 Suites offer (4-8 guests)

2 Lofts Offer (4-8 guests)

2 Suites, 2 Lofts Offer (8-16 guests)

Custom Offers

Vida Hospitality team created the 2 below offers to fully support your vacations in Nafplio, Greece. Surprise Vacation (Anniversary, Birthday, etc)

For any kind of support with any of our offers, feel free to live chat with our customer service team or simply feel the below form and we will contact you immediately

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