Dear Ludovic,

I hope you are well. Below you can find all the possible options to drive to Mystra from Nafplio.

1 – Half way – High way – half way – country road

This is the fastest possible way.

2 – Almost full way – high way

This is also a very fast way.

Below you can find the options 3 and 4. If I had to drive with you, I would choose one the 3 or 4 just to show you more places. At both options, there are so many small villages that you can stop by – I am sure, if your kids have no problems of long driving (plus country roads) these two options are great – you will have the chance to see many places on your way.

3 – You drive next to the coastal road until Miloi village (almost the half round of the Argolis Gulf) and then you continue from the Kolosourti country way (its name means that it looks like a snake – you can enjoy great views from this way):

This is the view once you pass the Miloi village and start “climbing” on the Kolosourti way.

4 – This option is even better – you drive all the Argolis Gulf to the Astros village and from then you continue to Mystras.

If you decide to follow this route, you can stop by Paralio Astros Village (which means Astros village next to the sea). It is a very nice place that you can enjoy a lunch there and then continue to Mystras.