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Methoni is a village in Messenia at the South-West part of the Peloponnese region. It is said that its name may be derived from Mothona, a mythical rock. During the Venetian occupation in the area the village was named by the Italian name of Modone. The small peninsula was fortified from the ancient times. According to Thucydides the fortification of the city during the Peloponnesian war in 431 B.C. wasn’t strong at all.

After the end of the 2nd Messinian War, people from Nafplio were settled in Methoni after they were chased away by the Argeians as allies of the Lacaedemonians. They had built a strong relationship with the inhabitants of Methoni and this is the reason that they remained at the city even after the independence of Messinia from Spartans in 369 B.C. when Messinians returned at their home town.

During the Byzantine years Methoni remained autonomous and continued to remain a remarkable harbor and one of the most important cities of the Peloponnese region. The geographic location of Methoni, a harbor in the middle of the route from Venice to the East, caused Venetians to have a close eye to the harbor and in 1125 they launched an attack against the pirates who used it as a shelter, because they had captured Venetian traders on their way against home from the East. During the Venetian occupation in the area in 1209 both Methoni and Koroni became important trade canters with great prosperity.

Directions for Methoni – HERE

The Castle of Methoni

The Castle of Methoni occupies the whole area of the cape and the South-West coast to the small islet that has also been fortified with an octagonal tower and is protected by the sea on its three sides. At the North part of the castle, where now extends the city of Methoni is located the heavily fortified acropolis of the Castle. Venetians, during their two occupations in Mehtoni had an important role on the construction and repairs to the Castle of Methoni.

The main entrance of the Castle is accessed by a stone bridge of 14 arches. The entrance gate ends in an arch framed on the right and left by pilasters with Corinthian capitals. Right after the central Gate a domed road leads to the interior of the Castle after passing two more gates with the last one being the place where the habitable part was and which separated from the north part with a vertical low wall aprox 6 meters long that was fortified with five towers.

In the interior of the Caste there are ruins of the houses of the Venetian lords, the paved street that led to the sea gate, the ruins of the Turkish bath, the Byzantine church of St. Sophia, parts of Doric pillars, a monolithic granite pillar.

Directions for the Castle of Methoni – HERE

Beaches near Methoni

Methoni Beach – Directions HERE

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Lampes Beach – Directions HERE

Koumpares Beach – Directions HERE

Restaurants in Methoni

Sapientza restaurant – Greek cuisine – Directions HERE

Palia Istoria – Seafood – Directions HERE

Andreas Alector Cuisine – Mediterranean cuisine – Directions HERE

Nikos Tavern – Mediterranean Cuisine – Directions HERE

Peloponnese is the most beautiful region of the Greece mainland. With many nice cities and small villages, super family friendly, with amazing beaches and some of the country’s best traditional food!

Explore how you can use Nafplio as your base to explore Peloponnese HERE. Find more articles and suggestions at our blog HERE.

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Nafplio Marathon 2020 | Sunday 8 March 2020, Nafplio, Greece

Nafplio Marathon 2020

Nafplio Marathon is an event that takes part every year in the city of Nafplio. This year, 2020, the official day is the 8th of March.

Nafplio Marathon is a running sporting event of high standards and at the same time, a pioneering event that has created a multifaceted social event with numerous actions & programmes that promote health, education and culture!
The Event includes the races: Marathon, Half-Marathon, 5km & 2,5 km fun run!

The Event is organized by the Municipality of Nafplio (DOPPAT) in cooperation with the Nafplio track and field athletic clubs, Regional Union of Argolis, under the support of Chamber of Commerce of Argolis, Administration of Education of Argolis, Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece and under the auspices of PSAT, EOT, SEGAS and AIMS.

You can register for the event at the official website – HERE.

Nafplio city

Called one of the most beautiful and most romantic Greek cities, located  only 120 km from Athens, Nafplion takes pride in being also the first capital of the modern Greece.

Turbulent  history  has shaped its architecture and overall culture and tradition, so expect to experience Frankish, Venetian and Turkish influence combined in one idilic mosaic picture that will make you fall in love with this city.

With more than 320 sunny days per year, Nafplio is by far a top destination for your holidays any time of the year.

A picturesque old city downtown, full of pedestrian street next to the port, two castles, one fortress and many beaches in and close to the city, Nafplio is a place where you can relax and enjoy great moments with your beloved one and your family.

Nafplio Greece Acronafplia

Most beautiful City

Nafplio is by far the most beautiful city in Greece and one of the most picturesque places you ever visited

Family Friendly

Nafplio is very family friendly city, full of pedestrians streets, parks and kids playgrounds.


Nafplio is located only 20km away from the 2 most visited archeological sites in Greece, Ancient Epidaurus and Ancient Mycenae

2 castles, 1 fortress

Nafplio is a city full of monuments. Palamidi castle, Acronafplia castle and Bourtzi fortress are some of the city’s landmarks

Top dining options

Nafplio offers a big range of different dining options, so you can enjoy the original Greek cuisine

Your full guide for Nafplio

Find a full guide for Nafplio city, so that you can schedule your days easier! All you need to know to explore the best areas of Nafplio.

Find what to do and what to see in Nafplio, Greece – HERE.

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Vida Residential Apartments Nafplio Greece


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8 Tips for first time Nafplio visitor

Nafplio old city

8 Tips for Nafplio first time visitor

If you are visiting Nafplio for first time, get to know the city with our tips and our Nafplio city guide

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Nafplio old city

Over the last 20 years, Nafplio has gone from a small city to an international cultural destination. With a quiet, island vibe, Nafplio has plenty to take in once you know where to go, from the old city downtown, the Palamidi and the Acronafplia castles to the Bourtzi fortress and the amazing beaches.

Travel tips for first time Nafplio visitor

The "Laiki" - local market

Every Wednesday and every Saturday at one of the most known streets in Nafplio, you find “Laiki” – a local market event where local producers offer their products.

You will be able to find the most fresh fruits and vegetables, plus if you are not familiar with the concept, which by the way it is very known between Greeks, you will enjoy the experience!

Shopping in Nafplio

Nafplio is a small city, despite that, there are many many shops where you can enjoy shopping. From the old city downtown, where you can find many retail traditional shops to the Sideras Merarhias and Argous streets, you will have a range of different options for shopping.

Don’t miss the chance to visit some of the traditional shops selling local products, for local desserts (mainly pastry and dairy).

The red bus

It is not a double floor one, but still Nafplio has its own red bus! It is a great way for you to see the city of Nafplio and some of its landmarks, like the “Lion on the rocks”.

The train

You can find this train next to the port and it is a great option for you to explore the city of Nafplio! If you have kids, they will love it!

The bike

Nafplio is a city full of pedestrians streets and squares! The best way to explore Nafplio, if you are not a fun of walking, is the bike! Next to the port you can rent a bike for 2 or 4 and explore all the secret areas of Nafplio old city downtown!

The boat to Bourtzi

The top landmark of Nafplio is Bourtzi fortress, a castle-island in the middle of the port! Do not miss the chance to take the boat from the port and visit it!

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Go fishing

At the end of the port, you can find “Omilos” or “Banieres” – a place where you can go fishing! The location is also great for amazing views to the Argolis Gulf.

The path

There is an amazing rocky path that starts from the port and ends very close to the Bourtzi fortress, just on the back side. From this path you will enjoy the best view to the Nafplio city ever!

Nafplio Arvanitia beach

The best things to do in Nafplio

Nafplio with its picturesque old city downtown with an amazing architecture will for sure be one of the most beautiful cities you ever visited! Full of history, with many landmarks, castles, fortresses and museums, offers you many things to do and see. Find our customized city guide for Nafplio

Things to do in Nafplio

Your full guide for Nafplio city

For more information and suggestions for Nafplio city and Peloponnese region in Greece, visit our blog

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What to see in Nafplio, Peloponnese | The most beautiful Greek city

Nafplio old city downtown

What to see in Nafplio, Peloponnese | The most beautiful Greek city

Nafplio is the most beautiful Greek city and a top place to visit in Peloponnese. You will have too many things to see and do in the city that for sure you will come back more than one time!

Nafplio Arvanitia beach
Arvanitia Beach Nafplio

Nafplio is well known for its old city downtown, full of small pedestrian streets, the historical buildings, its unique architecture and its 2 castles and 1 fortress.

Nafplio is a timeless city. Streets that are barely if ever used by automobiles, shops, restaurants and cafes selling the same things they have been selling all century (with the exception of the tourist shops) and people who have a kind of homegrown sophistication. Nafplio is a hip little city that will certainly remind you of a more romantic age than the one we are in now.

Syntagma Square

Syntagma (Constitution) Square is the heart of Nafplio old city downtown. Surrounded by historical buildings, the Syntagmatos square is also full of cafes, restaurants and shops. The city’s archeological museum is also located at the west side of the square and it is one of the places in Nafplio that deserves your time to visit.

The square it is one of the best preserved 19th Century squares in Greece. You will love to walk there and explore all these little shops around. A break for a coffee or for food at any of the restaurants and cafes, it is a must!

There are a number of important churches in Nafplion and even a mosque or two. The old town is made up of Venetian buildings and neoclassical mansions.


Nafplio old city downtown

Mpoumpoulinas Street - the sidewalk next to the port

The Bouboulinas Street which follows the port is a place where people watch the sunset and walk off their evening meals. The street is full of restaurants and some amazing colourful historical buildings. The street is also amazing for the sunset view!

Exactly behind the Mpoumpoulinas street, there are many small streets that belong to Nafplio old city downtown. Make sure to walk also at these small streets and enjoy the most colourful neighbourhood you ever visited!

All the streets have many shops, cafes and restaurants and you will find some nice places also for a glass of wine. 

Bourtzi Fortress

Nafplio Greece Acronafplia

Once you pass the Mpoumpoulinas street, you will have a great view to the Bourtzi fortress. Located in the middle of the port, Bourtzi is unique fortified islet. It used to be a prison for many years, today is the symbol of Nafplio!

The fortress is reached by small boat from the port.

The round of Arvanitia Beach

Acronafplia Nafplio

If you continue walking after Mpoumpoulinas street, you will end up at the end of the port, where you can see the port’s lighthouse. From there you will be able to enjoy special views to Bourtzi fortress looking in front of you and if you turn on the back side you will enjoy amazing view to the city’s castles, Palamidi and Acronafplia!

Next to the port, there is a very small path that you can take and continue to walk around the Acronafplia hill – castle. We call it the round of Arvanitia because it ends at the Arvanitia beach.

The whole path is builded next to the sea, from the right side you will enjoy unique view to the Argolis gulf and on the left side you will have the Acronafplia hill.

Having a lighthouse, a cave, a monastery hidden in the hill, the round of Arvanitia is a must once you are in Nafplio.

Palamidi Castle

The Palamidi castle, which sits above and dominates the city, is actually three separate fortresses walled together.

There are 999 steps leading up to the fortress and from the top there is a spectacular view of the city and much of the entire bay and the eastern Peloponnese. 

You can also drive to the castle (it takes around 4 to 6 minutes).


Acronafplia Castle

Nafplio old city downtown

The Acronafplia is the oldest part of the city, in fact up until the Venetians and the Franks arrived in the 13th Century, it was the city.You can drive or walk up past the fortifications and the views of the town and port to the north and the rocky shore and the Peloponnese to the south.

Acronafplia castle is full of hidden spots for amazing city views. You will for sure love it! Acronafplia is also the best place in Nafplio to enjoy the sunset!



Interesting archeological sites close to Nafplio

There are enough interesting archaeology sites in the area to make Nafplion a good place to base yourself.

Ancient Mycenae and Ancient Epidaurus are the two MUST SEE archeological sites. Both of them located only 20Km away from Nafplio city.

Nafplion is a great place to visit especially in the off season when you want to do nothing but shop, eat, drink and watch life in this small city.

Kondili beach nafplio

If you are planning to visit Nafplio anytime soon, you can find our city guide to be your support on planning your trip. Click the button below to explore Nafplio’s city guide:

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Nafplio Greece Arvanitia Beach

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Mycenaen Civilization | Ancient Mycenae | Nafplio,Greece

Mycenae Archeological Site

The Mycenaean Civilization (c. 1700-1100 BC) named after their major center, a city called Mycenae aprox 20kms North from Nafplio, the first capital of the modern Greece. Their civilization flourished during the Late Bronze Age. The Mycenaean Civilization was influenced by the Minoan one which had flourished during the Early Bronze Age and started from Knossos, Crete. The Mycenaeans dominated most of the Greek Mainland and some of the Greek Islands and had trade relations with Cyprus, Levant and Egypt.

The Mycenaeans were Greeks who created their own culture influenced by the Minoan and other Mediterranean cultures. Some of the major centers of the Mycenaean civilization were located in the Eastern Peloponnese region including, Mycenae, Tiryns, Argos, Midea, and Sparta. The largest city of all the above is the Mycenae were even today visitors can admire the citadel, tholos tombs from the 16th century BC, shaft graves, the Cyclopean Walls and the Lion Gate, the entrance made from huge stones and having the famous pair of lions.

At all the Mycenean centers there are complex buildings, all of them sharing common architecture features. All the buildings were built around a large rectangular central hall or Megaron. The Megaron consisted of an entrance porch, a vestibule and the hall itself. This was the main area of the palace that contained a large circular hearth with four wooden columns supporting a holed ceiling. Usually there was a second smaller hall, the Queens Megaron, many private apartments and other areas such as storage, administration and manufacturing. The rooms in the palace were constructed with rubble fill and cross-beamed walls that were covered with limestone blocks at the outside, plaster inside and were richly decorated with fresco paintings.

At the outside of the complex there was a huge wall, consists of huge stones that were called the Cyclopean walls, taking their name from the Cyclopes. People could not imagine how can someone move these walls rather than the Cyclopes. The Cyclopean Walls were up to 13m (42.6ft) high and up to 8m (26ft) thick. Mycenaeans used to include a terrace at the agricultural lands, damns for flood management and small bridges that were built from stone blocks.

Find the 5 MUST SEE archeological sites to visit in Greece – Click HERE.

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