Using the internet to book a hotel room or a holiday apartment has certainly become the most popular way of at least starting your research. Within seconds it is possible for you to be able to identify a range of properties which fit certain criteria, such as, location, price and specific facilities.

Although the internet does offer great advantages, it is always worth accepting that this immediate access to standard, public information has its problems. Whilst starting your investigation this way, it is advisable not to make it the only way in which you reserve your holiday property.

The first obvious problem of using the internet is the fact that you do not have access to one single individual who could perhaps provide with you with a better idea of what you will be able to get for your money. Whilst the photographs on the web page might look smart and sophisticated, speaking to somebody on the phone gives you a good idea of the kind of service you might expect -or you can request a video presentation of the apartment.

For example, how long does it take them to answer? What is their manner like? How well do they listen? Are they prepared to go an extra mile in order to make you a happy customer? Asking questions based on what they say can generate a dialogue which will give you far more information than a web page that has been written to appeal to the average customer, or to a specific type of customer, which may not necessarily be yourself.

Another problem with booking online this way is that you have no opportunity for negotiation on price. It is still remarkable how many people assume that the price printed is the price everyone pays, or that you certainly will have to pay. If you are using the internet, and in particular using a comparison site, you are effectively going through a third party agent. This third party agent will obviously be working on a commission basis. As a result, the price will clearly be inflated beyond that which is necessary, since the hotel will already be working at a reduced price, as they will need to pay the agent their commission rate. Therefore, whilst advisable to use the internet to begin with, the personal touch will always gain you an advantage.

Contact always the property and make sure you get enough information which will make you feel more certain for your decision. By the time – you will for sure need a property for your vacation – make sure to choose it the right way. Ask many questions so that you get the “full picture”. Do not hesitate to ask for some extra photos or videos, feel always free to ask for more information, do not be shy to ask for advices. It is your vacation, you want it to be perfect, you want to get the best possible deal!

By the way, if you consider Greece and Nafplio as a potential destination for your next vacation (which I think it is a really great option), you can always contact us – we can support you with the accommodation at any of our family apartments – by answering all your questions and sharing with you all the required information so that you will feel 100% certain for your decision. You can find more information regarding our properties and our services here.

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