The last years our guests that they are traveling with kids are becoming more and more and more. Before their booking, almost all of them contact us for some trips and advices regarding their vacation.

First of all, let’s start from this – you do not have to worry about traveling with your kids – even if you have babies. At the end of your vacation, trust me, you will be so happy for the great experience that you had with your family. Just look how important it is for all of us the lovely moments we had with our parents during the holidays – so give this chance to your kids to start early creating unique experiences with their parents.

  1. Understand their needs – maybe it will be your first time traveling with your kids, so make sure to ask them about their preferences and their expectations. You have to discuss with them about your trip and understand exactly how they want it to be. Most of the times, kids do not really enjoy visiting all day Museums or big and busy cities – they prefer smaller places where they can feel more free. They have fun playing, spending time at the beach, etc.
  2. They many times prefer to travel with their friends – so in this case, you have to consider inviting their friends with their family to travel with you. Do not forget, if the kids enjoy and have fun, it will also be fun for you.
  3. During the planning of the trip, consider places that they are close to the nature. Kids always prefer being close to the nature than spending the whole vacation walking the city.
  4. Involve your kids in the planning. Make your research with them – let them feel decision maker. It will be more exciting for both sides.
  5. Prepare your trip in advance. Book your hotels or apartments, your car, your flights early. Make sure you have everything confirmed early, so that they will not be delays or changing of the plan.
  6. Rent a car. Kids prefer to feel comfortable with their own privacy than using the public transportation. More than that, driving a new country by car will give all of you the chance to visit more places. New experiences are always exciting for the kids.
  7.  Make sure you travel by plane the long distances and do not drive. Visiting many places it will be exciting for the kids, but traveling long hours by car will not.
  8. Plan to visit as more places as you can. Kids are not traveling to rest, sleep and stay at a hotel room during their vacation. They want to visit new places, they want to explore new things, they want to fill themselves with new experiences. Choose a country and visit 3 to 4 different places.
  9. Remember to always give time to your kids to play. Do not just schedule everyday to be full. Kids want to wake up late during their vacation, they want to have enough time to play, they want to feel free!
  10. Consider booking an apartment than a hotel room. Kids always enjoy more to have enough space plus the apartment will be more familiar with them – it will be more similar to their home. A spacious place give them the freedom they want, plus the nice apartments make the kids excited! Σεραφείμ Ζίου PHOTOGRAPHYSERA7185
  11. Have always with you snacks. Hungry kids are not happy.
  12. Do not forget the basic medicines. It is always a good idea to take a few over-the-counter medications your kids might need while traveling.
  13. Make sure to have all the documents prepared before even to book your holidays. Check always the country you are traveling so you know if there are any additional paperwork you need when traveling with children.
  14. Ask the car leasing company for baby seats and your hotel or apartment for baby cot, in case of you are traveling with babies. Do not carry your own – avoid all the headache.

The biggest tip we can give for traveling with kids is to stop putting it off and get out there and travel. Everything might not go according to plan, but your family will love seeing the world, and you’ll be planning your next trip before you know it.

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