What to do and what to see in Nafplio, Greece

Thank you for choosing Vida Hospitality for your vacation in Nafplio, Greece! This page is a customized full guide for Nafplio, so that you will know all the places that deserve your time to see and all the things that deserve your time to do in Nafplio, Greece.

Nafplio City Paths

Places to visit in Nafplio

Restaurants in Nafplio

Beaches in and close to Nafplio

Archeological Sites close to Nafplio

Short Trips from Nafplio

Monuments in Nafplio

Wineries close to Nafplio

Kids Outdoor Playgrounds in Nafplio

Byzantine Churches in Nafplio

Nafplio things to do

If you are a first time Nafplio visitor, find here 8 things to do in the city

Experiences in Nafplio

“Your perfect event” supports you with any kind of experiences you might plan, while in Nafplio!

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