Trikala Corinthia

Trikala Corinthia Short Trip

Here we are again. Today we have a different short trip for those who love the nature and the mountains, Trikala – Corinthia, the main village at the feet of the mount Kyllini in Peloponnese region. Trikala is a small village aprox 1100m above the sea level and is separated into three different parts, the upper one, middle and down Trikala.

Trikala is a very popular destination for those who want to breathe some fresh air at the mountains of Greece, with ideal climate. You can enjoy playing at the snow in the winter and hiking all year round. In addition, there are a lot interesting things that you can see there.

There are different routes that you can take in order to reach Trikala. Here we suggest you to take the one through the mountains and the small villages in Corinthian as you go there and when returning back to the apartments we suggest you to take the route from the highway as the road is a way better and in advance if you make this trip in the winter probably you will be returning at the night time and it is safer to drive at the national road if it is your first time in these roads.

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So, the first destination that you will meet once you start is Nemea. In Nemea you can have your first stop. What you can do there? Nemea is one of the most popular areas in Greece where some of the most well-known wineries are located and also you can see the archeological site that is located there.

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Nemea – Archeological site HERE

Nemea – Wineries HERE

After that you go straight to your final destination, Trikala. As mentioned above there are three different villages called Trikala with the most popular one the Upper one. The first one that you will meet as you go there is the Down Trikala. At the road sign you will see “K. Trikala”. This part of Trikala is located at 900m attitude and is very popular for the olive and cherry trees. The first sightseeing here is the Temple of St Dimitrios that was built in 1967 and has beautiful wall paintings from the early 18th century.

Aprox 4kms from the Down Trikala is located the Upper Trikala after passing through Middle Trikala. You will have to follow the road signs to “A Trikala”, A meaning “Ano”, the Greek word for up.

Upper Trikala is a very cozy village with a lot of taverns and coffee shops. The sighteesing that you will have to visit here are the Tower of Notaras Family and the church of St Nicholas, who is the patron saint of the village. Notaras Family was among the six most prominent Greek Orthodox families of the Peloponnese during the late Othoman rule. Spyridon Notaras the father of the family was considered as one of the best educated Greek magnates.

The Church of St Gerasimos is the place where the St Gerasimos Notaras was born in 15th century. In the early 18th century the Notaras family renovated the Church of St Nicolas.

Most of the people who visit Trikala in the winter time will go there in order to spend some time with their families at a picturesque place and play with the snow.

The best place where you can find a lot of snow, you can enjoy playing safe and learn how skiing is the Ziria Ski Centre. It is located at the top of the mountain at the North from Upper Trikala. It is full organized and has different things to do, including ATV-Buggy at affordable prices!

Ziria Ski Centre

There two different roads that go to the ski center and the one of them passes through the most popular lake in the area, the Lake Dasiou that deserves your attention as a lake surrounded by fir trees creating a very nice view. There are several hiking routes around the lake where you can walk in the nature.

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At the very top of the mountain is located the Cave of Hermes, the place that according to the mythology, god Hermes was born. Hermes gave this herb to Odysseus in order to protect him from the witchcraft of Kirki. The cave inside is full of stalactites but in order to go inside you will need special climbing equipment. In any way the cave is located right in the middle of the forest at a very high point at the mountain from where you can enjoy amazing view!

Below you can find a nice hiking path that goes from the Upper Trikala to the Lake Dasiou if you are from the persons that really enjoy walking at a difficult path.

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A very good suggestion for traditional Greek tavern combining with an amazing view is the tavern “Horizons”.

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As we aforesaid on your way back it is better if you choose the route that goes from the highway for two reasons especially if it is winter for three reasons. First of all the temperature will freeze the other route that we suggested to take when going there, You will have the chance to see something different and lastly it will probably be night time and at the highways there are more lights on the roads!

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