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Nafplio city Guide

by Vida Hospitality

Find our custom city guide for the city of Nafplio! All you need to explore the city is here!

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Find at our blog suggestions for Nafplio area, for Peloponnese region and for many other places in Greece

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by Emelia Fine Foods

At our apartment you will find as a complimentary by Emelia Fine Foods, individual portions of Emelia Molasses, a high quality molasses product, ideal for a healthy diet and a great natural alternative to sugar!

Also, you will find the cereal bars from Emelia Fine Foods.

In case you want to order extra, any of their products (Molasses, Tahini, Peanutbutter, Cereal Bars), you can let us know and they will deliver to your apartment!

Read their brochure – HERE.

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